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Why People Come to America

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Why People Come To America
Coming to America has been a journey since the 14th hundredth to the 21st century. But why do people leave their native countries to immigrate to the United States? I believe that people come to America because they are determined to find a better life. Immigrants from around the world come to the United States for many reasons including better economic opportunities, to acquire a better lifestyle and to fulfill family obligations. First of all, immigrants come to the United States to obtain better economic opportunities. For instance, they would be able to get a job even if it wasn’t the highest paying job they could still get a job which would provide an income which is probably still a higher salary than what they had in their native countries. Furthermore, United States salary is higher than other countries so that you will have a better economic future. For example, you are able save money for retirement. Another reason is that immigrants will have acquired a better lifestyle. Is the fact, that you can get many education opportunities. For instance, they can go to better schools and it would be less expensive and a good education. Moreover, you will have a high quality of life. For example, you can afford to buy a house, cars and buy goods and services as well. In addition, immigrants can have freedoms especially religious freedom. Many people have different religious beliefs; however, people can practice any religion or not practice a religion in the United States. You can live and work equally without any races discrimination for all people who live in in the United States. Third, immigrants in America can reunite or join your family again and help them in money and traditional gifts. Therefore, immigrants can live in a safe environment and have better opportunities to do many activities such as sports, music, and dance etc.

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