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Windows Server 2003


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Windows Server 2003
This operating system was released in 2003.
Since this operating system was primarily designed for networking and not for personal computer use the user interface was basic and unchangeable. Do to updates, the OS is capable of utilizing some of the Windows XP plus themes and now has a Multilingual User Interface (MUI).
Some of the OS unique features are its use of a distributed file system, support for SAN and iSCSI, Virtual disk service, JBOD systems and Software and Hardware RAID. It also Internet Authentication Service (IAS), network bridging and connection sharing just to name a few.
This OS was primarily designed for setting up a server on large businesses or corporations focusing on file and print sharing, secure internet connectivity, centralized desktop policy management.
System requirements: * 133+ MHZ processor (a maximum of two processors is supported) * 1.25+ GB free hard disk space * 128+ MB of RAM (a maximum of 4 GB is supported) * VGA or higher resolution monitor * One or more network adapters (required for a network based installation) * 12x CD-ROM drive (not required for network based installations) * Mouse, keyboard

Key features * “Headless server operations” This is a feature that allowed you to run without a keyboard, mouse, or monitor. You are able to remotely control and restart the system via a serial connection. * Active Directory Domain Rename—Win 2003 lets you change domain 'DNS and NetBIOS names, This allowed you to create a new domain without having to transfer all of the old objects over. * “Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS)— A volume shadow copy is a point-in-time copy of a given storage location. You use either the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) Disk Management snap-in or the MMC Shared Folders snap-in to enable VSS. This feature provides a better

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