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Witness of a Road Accident

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Witness of a Road Accident

In a city like Bombay, which has more than four hundred thousand vehicles and a few million pedestrians on the roads, many accidents take place every day. But tragic as and accident is, involving loss of life. Things are made worse by the fact that every accident is followed by time-consuming and expensive lawsuits. The polish are handicapped in this matter by the fact that very few people come forward as witnesses. They are either afraid of getting involved or simply indifferent. Let me tell you about the time my friend Nick and I witnessed a road accident and got involved. We were on our way one evening to the beach and for this purpose we had to walk down through crowded market. It was winter and foggy weather. Suddenly we heard the squeal of brakes and saw a car, clearly out of control, skidding on the road. The young man who was driving the vehicle was struggling with the steering wheel but the car was moving sideways towards market. We saw the car smash straight into a cyclist who was coming from the market and flung against a lamppost. He fell unconscious on the pavement and was bleeding profusely from a gash above the forehead. Nick ran in search of a policeman and to phone for an ambulance while I tried to render some first-aid to the bleeding man. Meanwhile a large crowd had collected round the victim of the accident and the car. The driver was pulled out and the public began to beat him up. Fortunately for him Nick returned with a policeman who rescued him from the mob and took charge of the situation. Soon more policemen and an ambulance turned up. Now the police inspector began to look around for witnesses. To out surprise, all the people claimed not to have seen what had happened and many of the members of the public who had been so forward in punishing the driver now began to slink away. Nick

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