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Feminist Application Paper 2 Globalization has an effect on the daily lives of many individuals worldwide. Those in the global south seem to be more directly affected by all aspects of globalization in many aspects of their daily lives. However, disproportionately the consequences of globalization seem to negatively affect women’s economic opportunities, specifically in the type of work they perform or better yet the limited labor opportunities which they are offered. There is no doubt that globalization has all but forced women in the global south into performing labor which directly benefits the economic advancement of those in the global north while at the same time making it incredibly difficult for them to support themselves and their families financially. Various factors play a role in the economic exploitation which women face as a result of the process of globalization. Including processes of economic advancement that ignore the instability caused by policies focusing only on what's best for business as opposed to what's best for people or even what's best for the environment. It is important to examine what factors play a role in the decisions made and policies enacted in the name of business and ultimately who is most affected by them and probably just as importantly who is not. The relationship between the United States and Mexico is an interesting one. The relationship is one of economic dependence from both sides, however it often boils down to how American companies use the Mexican labor pool as a somewhat local, based on the proximity and ease of access, easily exploitable resource. Gender often plays a vital role in the degree to which companies exploit workers. However when involving women not all exploitation is economic or labor based, there is usually a sexual aspect which focuses on women as objects of desire in addition to workers.…...

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