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“The many advantages of joining a Health Club or Gym”

Introduction I. Do you want to gain more energy naturally or just blow off some steam after a rough day at work? Want to prevent many life threating diseases or maybe drop a few pounds for summer, then a good workout at your local gym of health club is the answer.(Attention getter) II. By joining a gym or health club and starting a daily workout routine you will accomplish all these things and countless other positive benefits. (Thesis) III. Today, I will discuss some of those benefits and reason why joining a local gym or health club is a great decision that has positive life changing implications.(Preview)
(Transition: So what are some of the positive benefits you get from joining a gym of health club.)
I. Joining a local gym or health club is a great decision for anyone looking to improve their overall health.
1-Regular physical activity can help you prevent and manage a number of diseases. ( a.) Such as lowering high blood pressure b.) Heart disease c.) Strokes d.) depression
2-Regular exercise is also very effective for weight loss or even managing your current weight. (
3-Daily exercise can also improve your mood and increase your energy naturally.

(Transition: Now, I will explain some of the exercise classes and tools offer at your local gym or health club)

II. When you join a local join you will have the support of trained fitness professionals and a countless number of exercise classes to choose from.( 1-Trained personal trainers can be a powerful tool in helping you to achieve your goals at the gym. a.) Set a up a training routine specifically for you and your personal goals b.) Answer your questions about how to use certain equipment c.) Keep

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