Crime And Disorder Legislation

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    Crime and Disorder Legislation

    Crime and its effects on society P1 GRAFFITI ON PUBLIC PROPERTY Section 6 of the Criminal Damage Act 1971 provides for offences in relation to graffiti. If you are caught doing graffiti, you can be fined up to £5,000 if the damage caused is less than £5,000. Alternatively you may be given a community service order rather than a fine which is often the case in relation to young offenders. If the cost of the damage is over £5,000 then the case will be referred to the Crown Court which is able

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    Crime and Disorder Legislation, Sentences and Orders

    Pre-court measure There are 2 pre-court measures that are given to young people before they get taken to court, they want to help give the youths a chance to change their ways. The 2 measures are Reprimand and a Final warning. A reprimand is a verbal warning given to the youth by a police officer. The child may then be sent off to a youth offending team to complete voluntary work also known as community service, this will help to teach the youth a lesson not to punish them. A final warning is given

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    Outline Current Crime and Disorder Legislation

    helping landscape waste. | Damaging property, benefit fraud | Custodial sentences | This means spending a period of time in prison. | Hacking, ASBO | Restorative justice | This gives victims the chance to tell offenders the real impact of their crime to get answers to their questions and receive an apology. It gives the offenders the change to understand the real impact of what they’ve

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    Analyse the Impact of Two Pieces of Crime and Disorder Legislation

    and title: 12.1 Crime and its Effects on Society Assessor Name: Jacqueline Stockdale Date issued: 29/09/14 Hand in deadline: 13/10/14 Assignment title Know crime and disorder legislation, sentences and orders P1- Outline current crime and disorder legislation P2- State the main sentences and orders criminal courts can impose M1- Analyze the impact of two pieces of crime and disorder legislation D1- Evaluate the impact of one piece of crime and disorder legislation Mentioned the

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    Unit 12 Assignment 1

    12: Crime and its Effects on Society Assignment 1: Crime and Order Legislation Assessment Criteria | P1, M1 and D1 | Duration | 6 Weeks | Number of Tasks | 3 | Hand in Date | 30th January 2015 | Tutor | Mr Ellis | Internal Verifier | Mr Yates | Assessment Criteria Pass | P1 - Outline current crime and disorder legislation. | Merit | M1 - Analyse the impact of two pieces of crime and disorder legislation. | Distinction | D1 - Evaluate the impact of one piece of crime and disorder legislation

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    Unit 12 Public Services Assingment Brief

    Assignment brief – QCF BTECAssignment front sheet | Qualification | Unit number and title | BTEC Level 3 Certificate and Sub-Diploma in Public Services | Unit 12 – Crime and its effects on Society | Learner name | Assessor name | | Mrs. L. Gabell | Date issued | Hand in deadline | Submitted on | | | | | | Assignment title | | In this assessment you will have opportunities to provide evidence against the following criteria. Indicate the page numbers where the evidence

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    Effects of Crime on Society

    Unit 12: Crime and its Effects on Society Unit code: Y/600/6030 QCF Level 3: BTEC National Credit value: 10 Guided learning hours: 60 Aim and purpose The aim of this unit is to give learners a knowledge of current UK crime and disorder legislation and the sentences and orders available to the criminal justice agencies. Learners will also develop knowledge of the effects of criminal behaviour on communities and an understanding of how society works to reduce crime, disorder and antisocial

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    Public Services

    |Assignment: |12.1 |Tutor: |Chris Beasley | |Unit: |Crime and it Effects on Society | |Assignment Title: |Crime and disorder legislation, Sentences and Orders | |Handed out |……

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    Public Services

    Crime and Disorder Legislation In The UK Crime and Disorder Act The Crime and Disorder Act 1998 created 376 crime and disorder reduction partnerships in England and Wales. This legislation means that local authorities, police and other agencies work in organisation to develop and implement strategies to decrease crime and disorder. The partnerships carry out and check of crime and disorder every three years and publish a strategy for dealing with the problems found. The purpose was that there

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    Unit 12 Public Services

    P1 M1 and D1 The crime and disorder legislation act is the current criminal justice legislation covering crime and sentencing, for example Anti-Social Behaviour Act (2003), crime and disorder act (1998), police reform act (2002) and Criminal Justice act (2003) The antisocial behaviour act is designed to address the problems anti-social behaviour in England and Wales. It makes other legislations stronger and gives local councils the power to take action. The antisocial behaviour act impact is

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