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7th Grade Research Paper

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“ Mistakes are proof that you’re trying “ Mistakes are proof that you're trying your best to succussed, because everyone makes a mistake one point in their life. Also that not everyone can be perfect. 7th grade completely changed my life 7th grade bad grades were the worst because everything was hard at the middle of the year, and almost everything as hard in the end of the year all of the quizzes we took all of the tests we took that were incredibly hard. Had the hardest time trying to focus on a subject and the teacher teaching way to fast that I couldn't keep up and especially all of the worksheets that we had to work on in the beginning of class that we had to finish by the end of class was so stress making for everyone. My brother made me who I am today because he inspired mr to work hard, to do well at school, to focus on more important things. …show more content…
That all changed when a couple weeks later and my Brother wanted to see my grades, to see how I was doing and saw that I had the same grades as him when he was in 7th grade and flipped out and said “you got to study more” right then that was motivational for me because he told me before 7th grade that his grades were terrible and I didn't want that to happen to me now that I was in 7th grade to study and back then my grades we like A,B and C’s at the time. My brother sure did helped me. get my grades up. Although because he wasn't doing too well in school either at the time. For example my brother was very rude when he was in school which was one of the reasons why he got bad grades. He didn't want get bad grades in senior year of high school because that would have been bad. He fixed all of his grades before high school. Then he realized then I realized that getting good grades is important because they are technically College

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7th Grade Research Paper

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