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All Summer in a Day

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All Summer in a Day  A Short Story Analysis Have you ever felt a desperate crave for something? If you have, you are similar to Margot fromAll Summer in a Day, a science fiction by Bradbury. The theme of mans inhumanity to man isdescribed by the setting and characterization of Margot. The story takes place in an underground city on Venus. The sun only comes outevery seven years on Venus. Therefore, the children in Margots class are excited when the findout the sun is coming the next day. William, an insolent boy in Margots class, later confrontsMargot. He tries to convince her that the sun wont come out. She does not listen to his ranting,and therefore he and the other children grab Margot and lock her in a closet. During the time tosun is up, the children go crazy and are filled with joy. Then after the sun sets, they aregenuinely guilty and let Margot out. The setting and characterization connect with each other to form a chain reactionthat leads to the theme or inhumanity between men. For example, Margot is a very quiet girl,which is why people pick on her easily. She also has knowledge of the sun, which affects theother children and makes them envious. Her actions are very small, or not there at all. Forexample, when William pushed her, she did nothing in reply. Her most dominant trait, though,is her fragileness. Bradbury made her actions lack strength and backbone. For this reason, andher knowledge of the sun, the children make her an outcast. The conditions on Venus affecteveryones traits. It makes the kids go wild at the simple sight of the sun. Also, it alters Margotspersonality. The rain gives her a dreadful worn and lonely feeling. She would not be as lonely if the rain stopped and she saw the sun more. I was very affected by this story. It gave me a new viewpoint on humanity. I feel thatpeople should be treated in equality. It is a very fair way to go. If one wants to be treatedkindly, they should do so themselves. Sadly, this doesnt always happen in real life. The storyshowed me bullying is much more serious than it seems. It can get very serious. It also showedme that humans are like animals in some ways. They get out of hand some times when they do,they are very hard to control. seize (seized; seized) - захватывать, хватать roughly - грубо, резко; невежливо put (put; put) - помещать; определять closet - шкаф; чулан, кладовка fall back (fell back; fallen back) - отступать surge (surged; surged) - хлынуть catch (caught; caught) - ловить; поймать; схватить bear (bore; borne) - носить, нести; переносить plead (pled; pled) - умолять, просить slam (slammed; slammed) - хлопать, захлопывать, швырять lock (locked; locked) - захватывать, запирать tremble (trembled; trembled) - дрожать beat (beat;beaten) - бить, разбивать, избивать throwing (threw; thrown) - бросать, бросаться muffle (muffled; muffled) - приглушать, заглушать glance (glanced; glanced) - глядеть, поглядеть, блестеть slacken (slackened; slackened) - замедлять, ослаблять crowded (crowded; crowded) - переполнять, толкать huge - громадный, огромный concern (concerned; concerned) - касаться, интересоваться avalanche - лавина, обвал hurricane - ураган; тропический циклон volcanic eruption - извержение вулкана apparatus - прибор; физиол. органы, система cut off (cut off; cut off) - прекращать, отключать blast - сильный порыв ветра repercussion - отзвук; эхо rip (ripped; ripped) - разрывать, критиковать, прорывать tremor - сотрясение; толчки immense - безмерный, очень большой, огромный apart - врозь, порознь; в отдельности, отлично от blaze (blazed; blazed) - сверкать release (released; released) - освобождать, выпускать, опубликовать rush out (rushed out; rushed out) - срочно отправлять, торопить, мчаться yell (yelled; yelled) - вопить, кричать catch out - успеть, попасть cover (covered; covered) - покрывать, охватывать, закрывать tumultuously - шумный, буйный, бурный cluster up (clustered up; clustered up) - группировать, сгруппировать flesh - мясо, мякоть weed - сорняк waver (wavered; wavered) - дрогнуть brief - короткий, недолгий rubber - резина; покрышка (автомобиля) ash - зола, пепел mattress - матрац, тюфяк squeak - писк, визг resilient - жизнерадостный, неунывающий slip (slipped; slipped) - скользить, плавно передвигаться hide-and-seek - (игра в) прятки tag (tagged; tagged) - помечать, маркировать squint (squinted; squinted) - смотреть украдкой, искоса; беглый взгляд tear - слеза yellowness - желтизна breath (breathed; breathed) - вдыхать, дышать suspend (suspended; suspended) - подвешивать savor (savored; savored) - наслаждаться, смаковать shout (shouted; shouted) - кричать wailed (wailed; wailed) - вопить, оплакивать palm - ладонь raindrop - дождевая капля fade (faded; faded) - обесцвечивать, исчезать stir - шевеление; движение vanish away (vanished away; vanished away) - исчезать, пропадать boom - гул, рокот strike (struck; struck) - ударять avalanche - лавина, обвал doorway - дверной проём

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