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Based on my research, I should stay on my current career path.
I am planning to pursue a degree in Dental Hygiene. According to me, dental hygiene is a very manageable career. I wouldn’t want to work night shifts, so a profession like dental hygiene would be perfect for me. I like to be hands-on and I love the tools that dental hygienists use.
I established three criteria in order of importance that describes why I want to stay on my current career path which is Dental Hygiene:
• Salary
• Work schedule
• Job opportunities
Research Methods
According to the databases, I searched topics like best jobs for the 21st century, I read some books on most demanding careers, I looked at a case-study of a man who choose dental hygiene as a profession and how satisfied he is of the decision he made. I also interviewed my dental hygienist and asked him/her questions regarding life as a dental hygienist.
Research Findings
I will research:
• How much will I earn.
I used Ronald & Carly Rae Krannich’s book, The Best Jobs for the 21st Century, in which I found out information regarding salary. The salary of a dental hygienist is between $33,000- $60,000 per year and it is stated under one of the best paying jobs ( Krannich 101). I think $33,000 is a pretty good starting salary for a single person. The best part is that as you get more experienced, the higher your pay gets. You have so many benefits, like health insurance that is covered by your employer, paid vacations.
I asked Dr. Kim if he was satisfied in the pay he receives every month, and he said that he is very satisfied. He has a nice house, a nice car, and a bright future ahead for his kids, because tuition rate are going up for college, and he has all the resources to send his kids to good colleges and universities.
• What will my work schedule be like
A dental hygienists work schedule is not very hectic. Most dental offices have hours from 9-5 Monday through Friday and in some cases Thursday. Dental hygienists can choose to work part-time or full-time, depending on their needs and responsibilities. They can choose to work three days in one office and two days in another (Ronald 146). If dental hygienist needs more hours, they can substitute for other dental hygienists who took a day-off, and they can do that by working at several different dental offices at the same time. Many private dental offices are open on Saturdays (Ferguson 109).
I interviewed my Dentist who started out as a dental hygienist, and he was satisfied with what he is today. He did his further studies in the dental profession, and is now a successful Dentist. He said, “I love my job, and because I have my own practice now which means I choose my hours, but as a dental hygienist I had the weekends off, and my weekend started on Friday”. Whenever I went to shadow and interview him, he was pretty packed and people love his work. Everybody who left had a satisfying smile on their face (Personal Interview).

• Will Dental Hygiene be in demand in the next decade
There are so many job opportunities and you can always find a job, because the older a person gets, the more dental services he/she needs. You also get the opportunity to go to different offices and treat people. You get to be in several different environments, rather than being stuck in one office for the rest of your life (Krnnich142). The authors also state that Washington DC is one of the few areas which has the best jobs and a good lifestyle, which will remain the best for the decade ahead ( Krinnich113). Job opportunities have increased from 165,000 jobs in 1998 to 173,000 in 2008. Dental hygienist jobs will remain in demand because there is an increased demand for dental services, especially for the elderly people (Krinnich 143, 144).
Population growth, and increased public awareness results in the establishment of more dental hygiene jobs. More and more elderly people need dental care, especially the ones living in the nursing homes. A very few number of dental hygienists work with animals in keeping their teeth clean, and making them orally healthy, which means more job opportunities ( Ferguson 109).
According to another online source, I found out that The U.S. Department of Labor anticipated that employment of dental hygienists will grow much faster than average for all professions through 2018. They also predicted that dental hygienists will be among the fastest growing occupations (Fastest Growing Jobs).
In the interview, Dr. Kim said that dental profession will always be in demand because as long as there is sugar, there are going to be cavities, and as long as there are cavities, people are going to visit their dentists no matter what (Personal Interview).
After looking at the research I am definitely going to stay on my current career path which is Dental Hygiene. The short-term benefits might include being independent and having your own life. Having health insurance through the employer which is expensive outside. Long-term benefits might include getting higher education and become a dentist. You know you have a salary coming in, and you don’t have to worry about your bills and mortgage being past due. As the job opportunities are increasing every year, if you lose your job, you will easily find another one. The future of your kids will be better because, they will have someone educated to look upto and, they might end up being in a healthcare career and make their lives easy too.

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