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Flo Rida - Be On You (Ft. Ne-Yo) Lyrics

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Be On You (Ft. Ne-Yo) Lyrics

Ne Yo
Ohhhhhhh ohhhhhhh ohhhhhh yeah yeah yeah

I said excuse me little mama if I may,
Take this thought and send it your way,
And if you don’t like that, then send it right back,
But I just gotta say
I wanna be on you (on you), I wanna be on you (on you)
And if you don’t like that, then send it right back
But I just gotta say, I just gotta say

Flo Rida (verse 1)
Hey, sh sh shawty with no limits, that’s what I need all the time,
I’m wit with with it, she with it, she not sure she put it down
Come get get get it, the business, I hi hit it, whose is it
The Benz with the windows tinted, oh I get dirty south
Showning, like them grown men, goose patrongen
Let let me go in, sexy moanin, ca catch me jonesin
Let no not ever with this little mama off schedule
Got me achy, call me papi, hottest I be fly as feathers
But but bout that, sh shawty housed that, you you got that prowl cat
I wanna pop it like ecstasy, pretty face and all that
But what I look for, this gal is hood core, but that is outdoors
Deserve an encore, the definition of a shone


Flo Rida (verse 2)
Hey, I’m feeling you girl, wanna get close to you, no doubt
My sister swagger should tell it more than anything can vouch
Little mama you are what’s inside ghetto, fine I’ll make you proud
So stuntalicious, I love it, lets at least work something out
Miss thing, million dollar game, coke bottle frame
Make my wall of fame let me know your name
I control the rain I could make it better, matter of fact
I make it weather, stormy weather with this cheddar
All because you hot as ever, if you may lady,
Let me play baby, make my way baby,
You won’t like it, send it back and its okay baby
You’s a keeper, touch of diva, give me a fever
If I could freak ya, give me the word and I’ll be along


Bridge – Ne Yo
Girl let me touch you like nobody can (yeah girl)
Girl let me show you I’m a gentleman (uh huh)
I wanna be the one to hold your hand (oh yeah)
I just wanna be, I just wanna be

Girl let me touch you like nobody can (yeah girl)
I wanna show you I’m a gentleman (uh huh)
Girl let me be the one to hold your hand (oh yeah) (whoaaaaaa)
I just wanna be, I just wanna be

Repeat 2x

I just gotta say, I just gotta say..
Be on you, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

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