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Business Research Iii

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Business Research Methods III

QNT/TM561 Research and Statistics for Process Control
May 30, 2011
Professor Alfred Siu

Over the past several weeks the teams have researched and analyze Riordan Manufacturing. In the final analysis the appointed team members will discuss the statistical analysis of the data that has been collected, analyze how management will apply Six Sigma methodology. Other areas that will be discussed are challenges to the validity and reliability of the team’s research, classifying the findings, and discuss how the analysis may be used to innovate the business process.

Discuss the statistical analysis of the data you collected. The statistical analysis from the data Riordan Manufacturing provide shows that the raw materials receiving processes has several flaws. Each quarter process shows three out of the seven tasks performed holds 10 to 15% of the whole processing timeframe. The variance from turnaround time has increased and stayed in double figures in each quarter. By focusing on the data gathering for the speed and accuracy from the raw materials receiving processes information, management should be able to determine the areas that needs most attention and which business management strategy methodology that can be used to correct the issues. Analyze how you would apply Six Sigma, Baldrige, or ISO to the issues the organization is facing with one of their processes. One of the problems that Riordan Manufacturing has is receiving their delivery truck unloaded in a sufficient timeframe. The timeframe between the delivery trucks arriving to Riordan Manufacturing and the Inventory clerk enters the information related to raw materials receipts into inventory system; the unloading of raw materials from the trucks produces the most time spent on a specific task. To improve the...

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