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Case Study Jamie Loans

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Jamie’s Loan and Financial Planning PTY LTD
Jamie L Shark is a very ambitious young man looking to make his millions in the world of money lending. Jamie started the business about a year ago and lends money to customers on a short term basis (mainly between $500 - $1000). Customers would come to his business (currently his garage) and Jamie would firstly do a credit check, if all is well he would transfer the money to the customer’s bank account in between 2 – 4 days. Jamie has run his business very successfully for the past year, it all started when he approached his very wealthy aunty about his business idea and she agreed to supply him with the money to lend to his customers (for a cut of the commission of course). Jamie currently has around 200 customers; however he is finding that is regular customers are not coming back to him, even though his customers tell him that he has the best interest rates in town. Customers are finding that they are not getting their loan within the promised 2 – 4 day delivery period and are also finding it difficult to contact Jamie outside business hours.

Help Jamie to identify how to improve his business by applying the Creating Business Value with IT framework.
Step 1 – perform value chain analysis * Due to Customer issues such as lack of repeat customers, service quality and issues with the transferring money, we will concentrate on the Value Chain Analysis.
Step 2 – determine business strategy & processes * The key business strategy is to better manage the relationship with customers (i.e. a customer relationship management strategy). * Need new business processes to track customers to provide historical data, to survey customers, and to provide information to staff about customers.
Step 3 – determine information systems need * Need a CRM information system that includes sales, marketing and...

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