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Dance Etiquette Assignment

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Dancing is an activity where two people come in close contact. Before a dance use common sense and follow the basic hygenie principles of most people. These include: Showering and using some deodorant, brushing your teeth and using mouthwash, avoid foods that produce strong odors, like garlic, onions, or fish, and make sure your appearance is not dishevled. While at the dance: Check your grooming periodically, freshen up and towel off periodically in the bathroom between more rigourous dances, you can also bring another shirt and change if the one you have becomes to moist.
When at a social dance, make sure you have dressed for the occasion. Ask the group beforehand what type of dances will be held and how formal they will be. Some categories for dressing up are as follows: white tie, black tie, black tie optional, formal, semi-formal, western, dressy casual, and swing. When choosing one of these outfits, it is important to wear clothing that makes it easy and enjoyable to dance, both for yourself and your partner. Keep in mind that regardless of how informal the dance is, always wear dance shoes, avoid sleeveless shirts and strapped dresses, accessories like big rings, watches, brooches, loose/long necklaces, and big belt buckles can be dangerous. They can catch in partner's clothing, scratch and bruise. Also for the gentlemen, leave keys or other items in your left pocket to avoid injuries to your partner, and finally long hair should be put up or tied in a pony tail. It is difficult to get into closed dance position when the lady has long flowing hair
Now that we look all spick and span, its time to ask someone to dance. When asking for a dance, it is easiest to stay with traditional phrases such as ``May I have this dance?'' or ``Shall we dance?'' In the past it has been custom for a man to ask a woman to dance but in today’s society that has gradually...

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