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How do you feel about the drinking age going up to 25? There are many positive effects of the drinking age being raised, such as it will stop college students from missing class, it will allow our body be fully developed and it will show that just because you can do other things that make you an adult at 18 that doesn't mean you can drink and buy alcohol at 18. “Nearly one third of college students have missed class because of drinking, and one fifth failed an exam for the same reason” (The legal drinking age:18,21,25?). Drinking causes students to not be fully successful students. They are either too drunk or have a hangover, and both of those stages wont let you function properly. “Because there is a mix of underage and aged students on …show more content…
Their claims are, You can serve in the military, vote, own a house, etc, before you can drink (Should the drinking age be raised?). What they aren't seeing is that doing all those things won't ruin the person you are. Drinking makes you have a whole different mind change and its harmful. Another one is, “ If children are exposed to alcohol from a young age and taught how to use it responsibly the effects of lowering the rate of alcohol abuse will be improved” (Should the drinking age be raised?). No, this is not true. If children are exposed to drinking at a young age that will only harm them. They will not learn how to not abuse it. If they drink from a young age they are always going to want to drink because it is what they have known what to do and will always do it, and it's causing harm to their body! There are also people out there who say “ We can join armed forces and go to dangerous places but we are not considered matured enough to buy alcohol at 18” (debate). As I said before, you aren't really matured until the age 25, and drinking makes you act different, while on the other hand going into the forces doesn't make you act different. You are just you when you go into

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