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In the extract entitled “Unspoiled St. John”, Pam Carlson’s main point is that St John is a romantic and unspoiled island that is ideal for nature lovers. Pam Carlson through the use on vivid words paints a descriptions about St John unspoiled beauty and its uniqueness as a tourist attraction where visitors can escape the ordinary activities, she informs persons of alternative that may exist to the traditional meaning of tourism of the regular Casino there is nature tourism that exist that can appeal to persons who are so inclined The writer employs various strategies and language techniques such as comparison, statistical data, and figurative language. By using comparison the Carlson convinces the reader that St John is unique and characterized by attractions that are unlike the mainstream tourist attraction. For example in paragraph two (2) the writers explains that St John is an escape from (no ordinary tourist attractions no casinos or nightclubs and no marine parks). Carlson continues by contrasting St John with those types of island by explaining that there are however 9 unskilled beaches, brilliant sunsets and luxurious sunset) that is even a get a way for those who live on the island. The use of the compare and contrast strategy was effective as she present the similarities and differences between the island and the world and more so the United States to her audience. Having this type of technique incorporated in her writing, Carlson allows readers to spent little time trying to discovers what the island had to offer. It was done in a very detailed manner which appeals to the readers emotions and forces them to want to visit St John. Carlson indulges her audience through use statistical data including measurement and historical date to support to her main claim. In paragraph 3 she explains that the island of St John has two measure hotels including Canned Bay Resort to prove that the resort is an attraction for nature lovers. She explains that it was founded during 1952 and was 85 percent jungle. This state has been preserved based on the writers claim since she states that Cannel boasts seven beaches with 176 manicured acres. She also adds the national park are used as camp grounds and there are villas which sit on the hill side 800 feet about sea level. These statistical, dates and measurement adds to the writers claim that the island different and is a magnet for nature lovers as assure the reader reliability as one can rest assure that is he or she should visits St John it would be exactly what is was described as..
One the other hand, Carlson uses Language Techniques to bring across her descriptions in a realistic way she opens paragraph one with the use of personification. The trade winds are personified as she explains that they kissed her as she stepped off the airplane. The wind is also personified as she expressed that it tugged her hair and caressed her skin welcoming her to the island. This highlights the force of the winds which brings about a physical emotion in the readers mind. This playful device grabs the reader’s attention from the very begging. It reveals the writers positive attitude towards the place and also reveals her mood. The personification used emphases the writes point that St John is unspoiled island specifically that it is not as urbanized as others were wind has become nonexistence and the wind can no longer be felt. Carlson proficiently stimulates our sense as she uses visual imagery to make her writing interesting and lively. At the start of the extract the readers are able to feel the trade wind after existing the airplane the readers are also able to visualized the forestry beaches sunset villas and even the wild four-footed pedestrians on St John Island. The purpose of her description throughout the passage is to create visual imagery of what the place looks like and to captivate the nature of what is happening on the island in her readers mind. The use of imagery strengthens the writer point as it enhances the reader’s sensory experience which inters convinces us that St John is an ideal get away.

Additionally the writer employs the use of similes in the excerpt to establish her point she compares the trade wind to playful spirit and the beaches on the island to pearls on a chain. Theses smile in the extract create a lasting effect on the readers as they imagine the island and becomes familiar with it by using the writers description. Convincingly the writes uses different strategies and techniques to convinced the reader that there is a place that exist that is very exotic. She therefore uses comparison, imagery statically data personification and smile to make the extract come alive.

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