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As the ‘Cultural Gala’ is a new event in Hong Kong which mainly focus on ethnic groups, the promotional objective basically is to increase 15% of target audience’s awareness towards this cross-cultural event and to build simple name recognition.

‘5Cs’ will be the promotional message, which are Cultural, Cross-Country, Celebration, Creativity and Cohesiveness. The purpose of using 5Cs as the message content is to attract target audience which is relative easier to build widespread recognition and awareness in the inner mind of the ethnic minorities.

Regarding the promotion channels, a communication mix will be performed in terms of advertising, public relations and sales promotion. In order to achieve the event objectives, it is necessary to plan a comprehensive advertising program which enables to reach geographically attention. More specifically, a series of printing materials like brochures, posters, flyers will be placed at the Hong Kong Tourism Board centers and the organizations which provide caring services to the ethnic groups, namely the Centre for Harmony and Enhancement of Ethnic Minority Residents (CHEER), the Caritas Hong Kong, and the Hong Kong Unison.
Next, the practice of public relations is spread widely, in which a press kit and interactive social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter will be included. The Indian actor ‘Gill Mohindepaul Signh’ and the Bollywood Dance Master ‘Krish’ will be invited to the press kit for the purpose of building the event brand recognition and awareness. On the other hand, using web-based and mobile technologies as one of the promotional strategies can allow the event becomes the ‘topic’ of interactive dialogue in the community.

Besides, concerning another promotional strategy of sales promotion, we will cooperate with Groupon which is a deal-of-the-day website of a variety products and…...