Factor Affecting Employees Performance

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Evidence from Uganda

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Aidah Nassazi
Effects of training on Employee
performance. Evidence from Uganda
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Koskinen Ossi

Employees are major assets of any organization. The active role they play towards a
company’s success cannot be underestimated. As a result, equipping these unique assets
through effective training becomes imperative in order to maximize the job
performance. Also position them to take on the challenges of the today’s competitive
business climate. Although extensive research has been conducted in the area of
Human Research Management, the same cannot be said on employee training especially
as it concerns developing countries.
The purpose of this thesis was to evaluate the effects of training on employee
performance, using the telecommunication industry in Uganda as case study. In order to
understand the study aim, four goals were developed and these focused particularly on
identifying the training programs’ existing in the industry, the objective of the training
offered, the methods employed and finally the effects of training and development on
employee performance.
The study was based on three case studies of the biggest telecommunication companies
operating in Uganda. A qualitative research approach of the data collection was adopted
using a questionnaire comprising of 18 questions distributed to 120 respondents. Based
on this sample the results obtained indicate that training have a clear effect on the
performance of employees. The findings can prove useful to Human resource managers,
Human resource policy decicision makers, as well as…...

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