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Games at Twilight

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**Games at twilight is the first collection of short stories published in 1978 by Anita Desai an Indian novelist who was born to a German mother and a Bengali businessman father. She is today a currently professor of Creative writing at the MIT.
**In Games at twilight, we can find various themes such as family solidarity,individualism,social class,modernity,tradition.The characters portrayed are differents, we have children (Games at twilight), artists (Sale), women, employees or introverts, but the way she uses irony, satire and humour add a new dimension to her short stories.
**Subject: Compare two or three short stories from the collection Games at Twilight
Games at Twilight contains 11 short stories but I decided to compare 3 of the short stories which are A Devoted Son, Pigeons at Daybreak and Pineapple Cake.
Pineapple Cake it is about the life of a mother realising the extent of her fall from social grace that becomes her preoccupation as she attends a wedding,in Pigeons at Daybreak,it is about the daily routine and the complex relationship of an old married couple and A Devoted Son is about a son who succeeded in life and devoted himself to his father who became ill.
**These three short stories seem to be very differents from one other but by going deeper into them we can find some similarities which are explored,described in different ways.It is not possible to divide in two parts such as in first part we will see the common points and in a second part the differences because both are too strongly linked.I will try to compare point by point.

**In the three short stories,, Anita Desai is exploring the different scales of relationship that can exist.In a Devoted Son she is exploring the relationship of a father and his son, in Pineapple Cake the one of a mother and her son and finally in Pigeons at Daybreak the one

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