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Getting Ready for a Midterm

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Wed, May 05, 2010 -- 104PA67270: Getting ready for the midterm
Let me provide some tips for the midterm. I have extended the time to three hours instead of the two hours stated on the syllabus.

First, this is an essay exam and so discussions should be should be full and clearly written.

All answers should be at least a (normal) page long.

Second, do plan to use the full time. You may not need it but some of you may find that you would like even more time. I recommend that you enter the exam promptly since I will make deductions for those exceeding the 9:00 o'clock end time even if you enter late.

Third, know that the legal reasoning essay will come from Module 4 on immunity. The variety of scenarios in that question will force you to think about and explain the nuances between sovereign and personal immunity, between absolute and qualified immunity, about loss of immunity, etc. You will want to understand all four cases from that module well before the exam. I will expect specific citations to the cases and the principles that they enunciate. An additional case that might be useful for you to look at is Canton v. Harris.

A second question will address the rulemaking process and the principles underlying it. You should "walk into" the exam (in a virtual sense) with a clear sense of a fully articulated rulemaking process, so that you can pick and choose elements as appropriate in the case you will be presented.

The third question will be drawn from the text regarding the Constitutional framework. Finally, remember that "open book" exams can be as challenging as closed book because the "bar" (the expectation) is higher. I think you will find that prior preparation will make a good deal of difference.
As stated before, when you open the exam, answer the questions initially in word and copy it back to the exam. That way, you will not lose work, time and points if there is a technical malfunction.

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