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Glock Essentials


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Glock Essentials
Justin Hoyle
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Mike Davis
February 11, 2012

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To hear the words ‘plastic pistol’ is to instantly think of the Glock Safe action pistol. Introduced in 1982 by engineer Gaston Glock of Austria, the Glock pistol was the first of its kind to combine polymer and steel components in a single firearm. Glock pistols are also the first to introduce a material enhancement technique known as Tenifer. The combining of polymer and steel components along with the introduction of a Tenifer finish has revolutionized the world of handguns. This literary review examines the three main components that make up a Glock Safe Action Pistol: the development and use of polymer in the frame, use of ordinance grade steel, and the Tennifer® anticorrosion finish applied to the ordinance steel in the handgun. This examination of Glock components will reveal the composition of the selected materials. I will also bring to light any environmental and safety issues. Lastly, this review will discuss the impact of these materials on the firearms industry.

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To begin with, as previously stated Gaston glock of Austria Developed and introduced the Glock pistol in 1982. Being that Mr. Glock had no previous firearm experience, developing pistols for the Austrian army would be thought of as a challenge. However this was not true due to the fact that Mr. Glock was proficient in the manufacturing of plastic components such as curtain rods and curtain rod rings. Even more importantly, Mr. Glock realized the strength and durability that could be obtained by combining plastic and steel parts to function in sync as seen in the Glock pistol. The glock safe action pistol has not changed a whole lot since the early 1980s when first introduced. Glock

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