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Running Head: Am I a Good Communicator?

Am I a Good Communicator?

According to Merrium-Webster dictionary (2011), communicating is a method by which information is passed between individuals through a similar system of symbols, signs, or behavior. Being able to effectively communicate and listen to others are important in every aspect of our daily lives. A person has to be able to communicate and listen while at work, home and at school. Relationships are formed and built based on how people communicate with one another. For these reasons it is extremely important that we look at and analyze our communication patterns in terms of speaking and listening. After analyzing ones ability to communicate one then needs to examine areas in which work is needed to improve communication patterns.
In terms of speaking I have always felt that my communication skills could improve on different levels, but after reading chapters 7, 8, and 9 in the text my feelings have changed slightly. I am generally a very quiet person. In speaking with family and friends while completing this assignment I was described as the “strong silent type.” Through reading I feel that I have an open style of verbalizing. I am a firm believer in it is not what you say, but how you say it. As a person who works with individuals with developmental disabilities I have learned that verbal communication is essential. You have to compliment the individual when they accomplish goals. Also I have to provide feedback to both the individual I am serving, but to parents and co-workers as well. I have to verbally communicate criticism and provide support verbally to the person being served. This same verbal communication is used when dealing with both my wife and children. Communication is not limited to verbal communication. It is my feelings that being a good communicator probably involves less taking and...

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