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Chapter 1


Now a day, computer is one of the technologies that most people use in their everyday lives. The use of computer is one of the fastest growing and most important developments in our time. People used computers to give easiest and fastest method of finding information. Most students used computers to their research work, assignments, projects, thesis and it is most effective technology because it gives us more knowledge and we can learn something from it.
Computers are just known as a piece of equipment where awesome package of glass, plastic, metal and wires- use to make our work easier. It is one way to achieve changes, which we can create different things through using its features. Computers have actually transformed our lives- how we communicate, how we could work and learn things and even how we play. Computers are efficient tools in processing data into useful information. They are essential tools in almost every field of research and applied technologies because of their capabilities. And because of the widespread use and availability of computers, it is essential that everyone acquires an understanding to be ignorant of the important role of computers in any career or business of choice. Being computer literate it can give anyone great competitive advantages.
One example of technology is internet, widely used for everyone and popular. Everything can be known in the internet. It is an international network access which serves people by giving information through web access. Example of internet is website which is a collection of web pages, images, information and other digital asset that is hosted one or more web serves usually accessible via internet. With this, the proponents developed a website for the products of Kalayaan and to promote and advertise the products.

Background of the Study

The town Kalayaan on its 100 years (March 23, 1908- March 23, 2008) on this site grew a coconut tree, three branches interpreted by our forebears as the future site of our municipal building; three branches being San Juan, Longos and San Antonio. Today, the belief had been realized. But digging through historical records, it seems that the place is still made up of the three original visitas Babaye (now Longos) Abacao (now San Juan), and San Pablo (now San Antonio). Babaye got its name when the Spaniards came and found women washing clothes in the brook. When the Spaniards continued their aim to conquer the land and a little north of Babaye they saw a place where people dried abaca and named the place Abacao. The Spaniards claimed the mountains east of Babaye and named the village found there in honor of San Pablo In 1577, Franciscan priest arrive. Some settled in Laguna. The two priests assigned in Laguna were Fr. P. San Juan de Placencia and Fr. Diego Oropesa. They started their mission to Christianized the Filipinos in this part of country-the three visitas were initially ruled by the Spaniards from Lumban under the leadership of Don Pable Caodpod who hailed Babaye, then in 1600, by the order of Rev. Fr. Juan de Cliver, the three visitas were incorporated in Paete. They become a good Balangay Paete. The three visitas were ruled by native leaders. Don Augustin Gatan as President and Don Antonio Hubid as the vice president. In 1669 after the long ardous work of Don Pedro Banay-banay with the help of Fr. Juan Bautista, the town of longos composed of Babaye, Abacao, and half of San Pablo was established- the other half of San Pablo remained under the political jurisdiction of Paete. The first parish was Rev. Lucas Sarro. Came 1735, the residents of San Pablo presented a resolution to the Governor general advocating its separation from Paete and Longos and the establishment of their town which was renamed San Antonio. After 3 long years of negotiation, San Antonio became a town separate from Longos and paete on September 9, 1737. Peace there in was. When the Americans came, Don Epifanio Montes was installed as Military President of longos while Faustino Lafrades was given the same position for San Antonio. Under the administration, Public Law No. 959 was enforced to economic reasons. The 30 town of Laguna were narrowed down to 19 on October 12, 1903. Longos, San Antonio and Pakil again became part of the municipality of Paete, however on March 23,1908 Don Pedro Sabio, then President of Paete , successfully worked for the separation of longos from Paete.
On March 30, 1946 Executive Order No. 127 which ordered the transfer of the seat of government from Longos to San Juan was signed by President Manuel Roxas. From then on, a part of San Juan Became the Poblacion, while Longos, San Antonio and the rest of San Juan became its barangays. The name of the municipality was changed to “Kalayaan” on May 17, 1956 by virtue of house bill No. 5498RA No. 1477 authored by Congressman Wenceslao Rancap Lagumbay. As of now, the mayor of Kalayaan in the name of Mayor Teodoro A. Adao III has many programs for the improvement of the town.

Theoretical Framework

The study is anchor on the learning theory by Bruner called constructivist theory. It is a theory base upon the study of cognition and its major theme is that “leaving is an active process in which learners construct new ideas or concepts base upon their current/past knowledge.” Cognitive structures are used to provide meaning and organization to experience and allow the individual to go beyond the information given.
The programmers and web developers’ task is to “translate information to be viewed into a format appropriate to the users current state of understanding and organize it in a spiral manner so that users continually build upon what they have already learned”. It further states that the theory should address the aspects the most effective sequence in which to present material and the ways in which a body of knowledge can be structured so that it can be most readily grasped by the users.

Performance of the Website of Kalayaan in terms of

-User Friendliness
-Error handling

Independent Variables Dependent Variables Programming tools:
Macromedia Dreamweaver
Adobe Photoshop

Municipal official

Figure1. Paradigm of the Study
Fig.1. Illustrate the paradigm of the study. The dependent variable is the performance of the created Kalayaan website and the independent variables include history, establishments, maps, education, governments and events.

Statement of the Problem
The thesis entitled Kalayaan website was created and sought answer to the following questions? 1. What is the status of the programming language used in developing the website? 2. What is the perception of the users of the Kalayaan website in terms of a. usability? b. design? c. user friendliness? d. error handling?

3. What is the over all performance level of the system as perceived by the respondents?

Hypothesis The website of Kalayaan, Laguna is highly acceptable to the municipal office of Kalayaan and its citizen in terms of system usability, error-handling, system design and user friendliness.

Significance of the Study
The Kalayaan website will help the residence to popularize the town through publishing their place not only to their home town but world wide. It can help tourists to extend the knowledge of studies of the town through internet surfing. It intends the tourists and other people to discover what the place has. The website of Kalayaan can also help the community to know how to use the World Wide Web to earn money with their products and to endorse their products world wide. It will assist some tourists for findings a place to go out for vacation and will help to promote the tourism and economy of the town.

Scope and Limitation The study is about the website of Kalayaan that will help to improve the information about Kalayaan. The system includes the history of the town, size and location, population, governments, barangays, church. Similarly it will help the town of Kalayaan to promote tourists spots, but also the products. Users can easily access the website through understanding the content.

Definition of Terms The following terms were operationally defined for a better understanding of the study.

Performance- is the capability or ability of a system to work along the developments.
Usability- This refers to one of the indicators of software performance which focuses on the functionality of the system.
Design- This refers to one of the indicators of software performance which focuses on the functionality of the system. It is measure use to know the process of problem-solving planning for a software solution.
Error-handling- This refers to one of the indicators of software which focuses on the functionality of the system. It refers to the anticipation, detection and resolution of programming, application and communication error.
User friendliness- This refers to one of the indicators of software performance which focuses on the functionality of the system. It is a measure use to know if the software will be easy to use.
Home page- This page consist of menu to choose from.
History- This page shows the origin of Kalayaan, Laguna
Government- It displays the municipal officials of Kalayaan, Laguna.
Products- This page shows different products of Kalayaan, Laguna.
Events- It shows some events on activities happened in Kalayaan, Laguna.
Map- It shows the map of Kalayaan, Laguna.
About Us- This page shows the description of Kalayaan, Laguna.
Adobe Photoshop- It is the software used by the researchers in enhancing images.
Macromedia Dreamweaver- It is the programming tool used to design the website.
Apache- Is a web server notable for playing a key role in the initial growth of the World Wide Web.
My SQL- Database used in developing the website to store large data.
PHP- is a programming language used in developing this website.

Chapter 2
This chapter will present the review of related literature and studies that relevance to the present study.

Review of Related Literature and Studies

Related Literature

As mentioned or discussed in the website, performance is characterized by the amount of useful work accomplished by a computer system compared to the time and resources used.
According to website of, performance is the process or manner of functioning or operating; “The power of its engine determines its operation”; “The plane’s operation in high winds”; “They compared the coding performance of each oven”; “The jet performance to high standards”.
It means that the complete behavior of a repository system in response to the conditions processor and events that may affect a ( The above literatures are related to the present study since it discuss about performance.

A set inter connected web pages, usually including a homepage, generally located on the same server and prepared and maintained as a collection of information by a person, group or organization In computer science, file of information located as a server connected to the World Wide Web (WWW). The www is a set of protocols and software that allows the global network called the internet to display multimedia documents. Websites may include the text, photographs, illustrations, video, and music or computer program. They also often include links to other sites in the form of hypertext, highlighted or color text that the user can click on with their mouse, instructing their computer to jump to the new site.
According to the website 4umi, it is a collection of “pages” or documents on the www that form (or are intended to form) a single system usually equates to a single company or individual’s web presence. The term webpage is often used, although strictly this should refer to a single “page” or documents.
These mentioned terms are related to the current study because it discuss about website.

Website Usability
As defined to the website of web design, usability is the process of making website that can easily use by customers. It encompasses the heuristics of the site as well as the methods that people use to manipulate the site.
According to the website answer, determination in details of the exact operational requirements of a system, resolution of these into file structures and input/output formats and relation of each managements tasks and information requirements.
According to website usability, in general, usability refers to how well users can learn and use a product to achieve their goals and satisfied them with that process.
As mentioned in the website marketing terms the cases with visitors are able to use a website.
These mentioned terms are related to the current study because it discuss about the usability of the website, where the present study is emphasizing its use for the users.

Website Design
As discussed in Wikipedia, software design is a process of problem solving and planning for a software solution. After the purpose and specifications of software are determined developers will design or employ designers to develop a plan for a solution. If includes level component and algorithms implementation issues as well the architectural view.
According to the book of “The Lexicon Webster Dictionary - The English Language”, it is a decorative pattern which is use as instructions for making something which leave the details to be worked out. It is the arrangement of forms, colors, materials that go to make a ’style’. It is generally a formal structure of a picture.
According to the website Brainquote, design is the realization of an inventive or decorative plan; especially a work of decorative art considered as a new creation, fine conception or plan shown in completed work ; as this carved panel is a fine design ,or of a design.
The above literatures are related to the present study for design is a software solution to persuade the attention of the viewers.

User Friendliness
Webopedia website defined user friendly to anything that makes it easier for devices to use a computer.
User Friendly is a daily webcomic about the stuff of a small, fictional internet service provider, Columbia internet. The strips humor tends to be centered on technology jokes and geek humor.
In design, usability of the study of the ease with which people can employ a particular tool or other human - made object in order to achieve a particular goal. This can include endeavors as valid as consumer electronics, communication, and knowledge transfer objects and mechanical objects such as a door handles or a hammer.
According to the Wikipedia website, usability includes the methods of measuring usability and the study of the principles behind on objects perceived efficiency or elegance.
These mentioned terms are related to the present study because it discuss about the user friendliness of the website.

Error handling
In the published website of search software quality, it was discussed that error handling refers to the anticipation, detection and resolution of programming, applications and communications error. Specialized programs, called error handlers are available for some application. The best program of this type for install error if possible, recover from them then occur without terminating the application or (if all else false) a gratefully terminate an affected application and save the error information to a log file.
According to the cpearson website, it refers to the programming practice of anticipating and coding for error conditions that may arise when your program runs. The above literatures are related to the present study because the present has the ability to handle errors. PHP It is an amazing language. It is mean to work with web server where it can do the critical work of file management and database access. It is reasonably easy to learn and understand and can embedded into a web pages. It is a powerful as more-difficult language. With a number of impressive extension that add new features to the language. According to the website of webopedia it can perform any task that any CGI program can do, but its strength lays in its compatibility with many types of databases. Also PHP can talk across networks using IMAP, SNMP, NNTP, POP3 or HTTP. PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor is a widely used general-purpose scripting language that was originally assigned for web development to produce dynamic web pages. For this purpose, PHP code embedded into the HTML source document and interpreted by a web server. With a PHP processor module which generates the web page document. As a general purpose programming language PHP code it processed by the interpreter application in command line mode performing desired operating system operations and producing program output on its standard output channel. It may also function as a graphical application. PHP is available as a processor for most modern web server and as standalone interpreter or must OS and computing platform. The above literatures are related to the present because the study had used PHP to make the website.

Macromedia Dreamweaver
In Google website, Adobe Dreamweaver (formerly Dreamweaver) is a web development application originally called by macromedia and is now developed by Adobe system which required Macromedia in 2005.
In encyclopedia term website Macromedia Dreamweaver is a comprehensive website authoring program for windows and Mac from Adobe Dreamweaver in a sophisticated authoring package that is noted for many advanced features. For example, site designing can seamlessly more back and forth between visual and HTML modes. Dreamweaver was originally developed by macromedia, which was acquired by Adobe by Adobe in 2009.
It is a web design software application developed by Macromedia. It uses a powerful editing system that incorporated both WYSIWYG and HTML editing. It is currently available for Mac Windows. Rumors persist that Macromedia has built a session if Dreamweaver that runs on Linux flat form (using wine). Although 1.75 the company has made no formal announcement on the matter.
The above literatures are related to the present because the study had use Macromedia Dreamweaver to make the website.

Adobe Photoshop
In Wikipedia website it is a graphic editing program developed and published by adobe system. It is the market leader for commercial bitmap and image manipulating software and is the flash product of adobe System.
As discussed in bradycommunication website it is a popular high-end image editor from adobe for Macintosh and windows. By default Photoshop file have a .PSD intensions.
According to the hosting checker website, Photoshop produced by adobe is doubted the most popular graphics editing software in the world. Photoshop is used widely in the desktop publisher and graphics design industry as well as the web authoring profession.
The above literature are related the present because the study had use Adobe Photoshop to make the website.

My SQL is a high performance multi user relational database management system that is today the de facts standard for database-drivers software application both on and off the web.
According to techterms website, My SQL is pronounced as either “My S-Q-L” or “My Sequel”, is an open source relational database management system. It is based on the structure query language (SQL), which is we for adding, removing and modifying information in the database.
As mentioned for webopedia, Pronounced “My ess que el” (each letter separately) and not my SEE Kwill”. “My SQL is an open source RDBMS that relies on SQL for processing the data in the database. The above literatures are related the present because the study had used my SQL to make the website.

Home According to business dictionary, main page of the website which gives detailed information on its owner and provides links to its other parts. Usually it is the first page seen by every visitor, but some sites (such as those of newspapers on portals) display a fresh page everyday, custom-tailored to the individual visitor, preferences.
According to personal web, homepage is the main page in a website. Usually this page will point to all other pages on the site and will be the page people come to first. This can be used to welcome visitors to your site and to tell them a little about your site is about and/or who you are.
Home is an information technology terms which refers to the local file that automatically words when a web browser start and when the browsers “home” bottom is pressed. It is also the term use to refer to the front page, index or main page of a website of a group, company organization or individual. The above literature are related the present because the study that website consists of a homepage.

History Encarta Dictionary tools defined it as past events of a period in time or in life on development of a people, an institutions or place. According to Webster’s Encyclopedia Dictionary Deluxe edition, history is a record of past events, usually with an interpretation of their cause and an assessment of their importance. It was defined from techtarget website that the history is a detailed list of web site the company has visited which remains in a computers memory for a pre-determined numbers of days the number of days the computer retains its history. The above literatures are related to the present for the website had provided the history for the benefits of the users.

Establishment Is a term use to refer to the dominant group or elite holding the effective power or authority in an organization, society or field of endeavor in a particular when viewed as being opposed to change? In particular it can refer to the traditional ruling power elite and the situations of society that they control. The term can be used to describe special entrenched elite structures in specific institution but is usually inform in application. It was defined by the website todingu that establishment is a single physical location where business is conducted or where services are performs. It was defined by tooling website that establishment is a single physical location where business is conducted or where service are performed The above related literature is related to the present because the study had provided list of establishment for information.

It was defined by the website aredictionary, map is representation of the surface of the earth or some portion of it, showing the relatives position of the parts represented. As mentioned in Wikipedia, a map is a visual representation of an area, a symbolic depiction highlighting relationships between elements of that space such as object. It was defined by aredictionary website map is a representation of the surface if the earth, or some portion of it, showing the relative position of the parts represented.
The above literature are related to the study because the website had provided a map that can help people who are in need.
Princeton University defined photography as a representation of the person or scene in the form of a print or transparent slide; recorded by a camera on lights sensitive material. Biology website defined gallery refers to the representation of anything (as a person a landscape, a building) upon canvas, paper or other surface, pro by means of painting, drawing, engraving, photography etc. a representation in colors.
In caffronart website a space for the exhibition of works of art insist where paintings and other artworks are exhibited. The above literatures are related in the study for the present study because the website had provided a gallery to view the place in Kalayaan.

Municipal Officials/Municipality
Municipality is a town city or district having powers of local-self government.
Municipality is an administrative entry composed of a clearly defined territory and its population and commonly denotes as city town or village, or a small group of people. Municipality is typically includes town but is not restricted to them. A municipality is a general purpose district as opposed to a special purpose district. The above literatures are related to the study for the present study because it covered the municipality.

Related Studies

Performance According to OTOP-Laguna website a study on system level performance Assessment of six processors with System (2007), this paper presents a system level methodology for modeling and analyzing the performance of system on chip (SOC) processors. The solution adopted focuses on minimizing assessment time by modeling processor behavior only in terms of the performance metrics of interest. Formally, the desired behavior is captured through a C/c44 executable model of computation. (MOC) Audea, et al. (2010) in their reports, the findings of a study KRM professional of their perception of the KRM and firm performance in the Phil conducted in the Phil. That examines the extents of adoption of human capital-enhancing human resource (HR) and industrial relations (IR) practices. A study on human performance was created by annual (2010) in computer aided architectural design. Their proper described the due and application of a cognitively based performance methodology for accessing human performance on computer aided architectural design (CADD) task studies. The above studies are related to the present study since it discuss about performance.

Website Usability
As mentioned in the website of Colorado system, Usability is the external to which the intended user can meet his or her goals, using the system being tested. It is also mentioned that when doing the usability test-one must. Website usability is not just about making sure everything on the site works, but now quickly and easily visitors are able to make use of this site. The need for website usability is perhaps west expressed by Jakob Nielsen’s Law of the internet user experience. “User spends most of their time or other sites”. Usability is a concern for members because of its potential impart, positive or negative on marketing metrics such as conversion rates, which is turn affect printability. These mentioned terms are related to the current study because of discuss about the usability of the website where the present study is emphasizing its use for the users.

User Friendliness
Habaña, et al. (2009) developed the “Website of Liliw, Laguna”. Their respondents perceived that this website is easily understood. Generally revealed by the weighted mean of 4.20 with the standard deviation of 0.428 and usually interpreted as agree.
Bornilla, et al. (2008) created “Rhine Marketing Sales and Inventory System” the outputs of their system that can generate that executions at the different commands the user invoke can easily use the system without any haggardly of conflicts. Generally their respondents perceived the software as user- friendly as shown by the average weighted mean of 4.95 ad verbally interpreted as agree.
Rizalde, et al. (2008) in their summary of findings in terms of user-friendliness, the system was found as user friendly revealed by the general weighted mean of 3.78 with standard deviation of 0.664 and verbally interpreted as agree in the face-point scale.
The mentioned studies are related to the present study since it also discussed on user friendliness as an achievement.

Error Handling
Coral, et al. (2008) created ”KRM appliances Marketing Sales and Inventory System” and was able to derive the output of their system which can generate output with accuracy can perform its intended functions; understand conditions and gives debugging functions. Generally their respondents perceived flat the software can handle error as shown by the average weighted means of 4.57 verbally interpreted as agree.
Ponce, et al. (2009) stated in their study entitled “Website of Lumban, Laguna” that error handling of website refers to one of the indicator of software performance which process on the capability to certificate, detect and resolve programming.
Mangilin, et al. (2008) developed the system entitled “Website of CCS” and found out that the system can handle incorrect inputs, can handle all kinds of errors and it generate fast execution of the different commands the user invokes.
The above literature is related to the present study because the present has the ability to handle error.

As discussed in the website techrepublic by David Sklar and Adam Trachten, PHP is a server side language for creating dynamic web pages. You create pages with PHP and HTML when visitor opens the page the server processes the PHP commands and then sends the results to the visitor’s browser, just as with ASP on ColdFusion. Unlike ASP or ColdFusion, however, PHP is open source and cross platform. PHP runs on Windows NT and may Unix Versions and it can be built as an Apache module and as binary that can run as a CGI. When built as an Apache module, PHP is especially but it doesn’t require the tuning of mod-Perl to keep your servers memory image small.
Banaria, et al. (2009) stated in their “Website of Nagcarlan, Laguna” that PHP is an open source, server side, HTML embedded scripting language used by the researchers to create dynamic web pages.
Borgonos, et al. (2007) “AACCUP Electronic Survey Instrument” PHP used to address problems about computing and managing of documents and creditors. It aimed to provide an internet web application for facilitating administrator of survey instruments use to a credit universities and colleges. It is similar to the study because the researchers used PHP as their scripting language that track and manage information similar to the study.
The above studies are related to the present because the study had used MAP to make the website.

Macromedia Dreamweaver
Habaña, et al. (2009) a sophisticated web designed application that best professional; incorporating multimedia elements and database driver content into their website.
Dreamweaver web development (2006) by Drew Melillan mentioned that websites provide useful information to web design and developers using Dreamweaver. Macromedia has no additional control ever content found there and make a no guaranteed as to accuracy or velocity of any information found there. It had been presented as additional resources that may benefit one’s work with Dreamweaver.
According to Flores, et al. (2006) created the “E- theses Library of LSPC- SCC information Technology” that gave system provided a guide with relevant information technology department that gave information such as thesis, title, author and the date when it was developed with its abstract was viewable. The researchers used macromedia Dreamweaver for creating web pages because they found out the application tool was appropriate.

Adobe Photoshop
Chiva, et al. (2008) adobe has announced the release of an important new software application Digital addition 1.0 especially for acquiring, managing and reading e- books, digital news paper and other digital publication. Adobe Digital editions transform the digital reading experience and offers new creative possibilities for publisher.
Angeles, et al. (2008) created LSPU- E- MAP”” that Adobe Photoshop is an image editing program that let you create and modify digital images. “es” stands for Creative Suite, a complete design environment.
Delos Santos, et al. (2008) developed the Laguna Information System to help the province of Laguna in promoting the place, increase tourism revenues and for the students to serve as reference that provides information regarding the province of Laguna.
The above studies are related to the present study because it used Adobe Photoshop for editions photo and graphics that needed in the website. It is related because it is a tool that has been used by the researchers to make the system works.

Chiva, et al. (2008) one need to be a web specialist is fluent in My SQL or even a fill grasp on internet trends. Only needed is a profitable data source and the transform it into a convenient, organize website that can be navigated.
Manalo, et al. (2008) it s a multithreaded, multi- user SQL Database Managements System (DBMS) which has according to My SQL AB, more the 10 million installation s. the basic program runs as server providing multi- user access to a number of databases.
De Celis, et al. (2007) created a “Web- Based Course Information System” to address the current problems of getting information about the academic program on LSPU-SCC using booklets, brochures or even searching manually. It was designed to view information regarding the subject, description, course prospectus, goals and objectives.
The above studies are related to the present study because it uses My SQL to make website. It is related because it is a tool that use by the researchers to make the system works.

Conte, et al. (2007) created “Ro- Janis online Invitation Card System”. An online invitation card system web based that provide accurate and fast information regarding information design. The study is similar to the presents study in the way that the way that the researchers design the homepage in the same manner. The homepage of the website consisted of the menus found in the website.
Flores, et al. (2006) mentioned in their thesis that a homepage is the main page e- thesis Library of LSPC SCC Information Technology Department.
Mangilin, et al. (2008) mentioned that homepage is the main page of the site entitled “Laguna State Polytechnic University Main Campus Website”.
These studies are related to the present study in a way that both website consists of a homepage.

Sandoval, et al. (2008) implied that history is the study of the past through documents reports and other artifacts. The past can be inferred through many sources chronicles, myth, building, monuments, business news paper and work of art.
Calowag, et al. (2007) create the software entitled “Electronic Students Manual for Laguna State Polytechnic University- Sta. Cruz Campus” to have a computer based system that helped enhance the interest of the students to have more about the school.
The study is similar to the present study in a way that both studies show the history of both chosen study.

Docabo, et al. (2008) mentioned in their study that establishment refers to the place in Quezon that serve foods, beverages and other product services. It has long been interpreted by the department of labor and the court that establishment means a distinct physical place of business and not to include all the places of business which may be operated by an organization.
A public or private structure (business or government or educational) includes buildings and equipment for business or residence.
The above studies are related to the present because the study had provided list of establishments for information and has an establishment menu for the viewer will be updated regarding their establishment status and information related to it.
Garcia, et al. (2007) stated in their thesis that school officials, faculty and staff the users can view school officials, faculty and staff and contractual employees.
Altamirano, et al. (2007) mentioned in their thesis that on event refers to the events that are index in the computer department such as intramurals search and so on.
Habaña, et al. (2009) created Website of Liliw, Laguna. The researcher stated that map was refers to the location of the town and allocates barangay.
The above studies are related to the study because the website had provided a map that can help people who are in finding a certain path to a particular place; for reference regarding assignments for students and serves as added information for viewers.

Chapter 3


This chapter presents the research design, population and sample research instrument, developments and validation of the research instrument, data gathering procedure and statistical method.

Research Design The descriptive method of research will utilize in this study. The descriptive research design will enables the researchers to describe or present the picture of a phenomenon or phenomena under investigation.
Data gathering is very important in the study because it serves as a basis and pattern in making the system. The researchers will conduct a research in the municipality of Kalayaan for the public profile of the town. Search related studies and reference such as journals (published by the town) and written documents that will be given by the municipal of Kalayaan. Interviews will also conduct from person including some residents’ o Kalayaan who are involved in creating this study.
The System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) for the system development will be used. The SDLC is defined as the step by step process that many researchers or organization follow during system analysis and design the five phases are the Planning Phase, Analysis Phase, Design Phase, Development Phase and Evaluation Phase.
In the Planning Phase, the problem will be formed and defined during the survey is conduct asses the overall performance of the website as scope of the problem.
The second Phase is the Analysis Phase; it involved a detailed look of the system. The researchers will gather data from journals (published by the town) and written documents that will be given by the municipal office of Kalayaan. Interview will also conduct some residents of Kalayaan.
The Design Phase- the new system will be conceived and put down on paper. The interface that would suite the needs of the user in accordance with the theme will partially design while doing this, researcher’s sense of organization will developed.
Documents Phase, building the system, factual and needed information gathers by the researchers through interviews and research put into use. In this phase, the needed system, hardware will determine. When the municipal office accepted the proposal the researchers containing the design and its contents, the researchers found out what system will be available and use in order to describe the hardware that is applied in the creation of the study.
The last is Evaluation Phase, it involved the improvement of the system and maintenance included not only keeping the machinery running but also updating and upgrading the system. It was done to endure that the design specifications will met and that the desire outputs the system. Final charges and modifications are incorporated in the system based on the suggestion and feedback of the respondents.

Population and Sampling Questionnaire checklist will be given to 30 respondents of community of Kalayaan to asses the system. The respondents will choose purposively to determine the overall performance of the system.
Data gathering procedure When the website of Kalayaan is fully developed, getting permit is follow before the actual evaluation. The system will present to the adviser before the evaluation of the respondents to know if the system achieved its intended goal for further revision.

Research Procedure The study will use questionnaires checklist as the main tool in evaluating the study. It contains indicators that asses the overall performance of the system. The indicators include software usability, software design, user friendliness and error handling.

The respondents will rate the system on the scale below:
Point Interpretation/ Description
5 Strongly Agree
4 Agree
3 Moderately Agree
2 Disagree
1 Strongly Disagree

Statistical Treatment of Data After developing the system the information that are gathered, analyzed and tabulated will determine the level of perception of the overall performance of the system, descriptive statistical tools that employed such as weighted mean and standard deviation to determine the perception of respondents on Kalayaan Website.

Chapter 5


This Chapter discusses the summary of findings, conclusion and recommendation.

Summary of Findings Based n the analysis data, the findings were as follows: 1. The researchers used Macromedia Dreamweaver as the major software in developing the site, MySQL as the database and PHP for the linking of the different pages found in the website. Adobe Photoshop where also used especially in editing pictures and logos in the system. 2. Perception of the respondents on the system in terms of:

3.1. Software usability, the respondent perceived that the software usability as high as supported by the weighted mean of__ with a standard deviation of _ interpreted verbally as agree. 3.2. User- friendliness, the respondent perceived that the software is accessible; easily follow the software instruction, users can easily use the system without any hazards of conflict and accommodate all kinds of users supported by the general weighted mean of __ with a standard deviation of __ interpreted verbally as agree. 3.3. Error-handling, the respondent perceived that the software error – handling can handle incorrect inputs, handle all kinds of errors and it generate fast execution of the different user invokes supported by the general weighted mean of __ with a standard deviation of __ interpreted verbally as agree. 3.4. Design, the respondent perceived that the design is appropriate with the system, attractive and easily be updated for future revision supported by the general computed weighted mean of __ with a standard deviation __ interpreted verbally as agree. 3.5. Security, the respondent perceived that the security is accessible by a username and password, cannot accept unauthorized user and password easily supported by the general computed weighted mean of __ with a standard deviation of __ interpreted verbally as agree. 3. Over-all performance of the system based on the different statement perceived by the computer, student s and teachers with the following criteria; software usability with a general weighted mean of __ verbally interpreted as agree. User- friendliness with a general weighted mean of__ verbally interpreted as agree. Error- handling with a general weighted mean of __ verbally interpreted as agree. Software designs with a general weighted mean of __ verbally interpreted as agree and with a general weighted mean of __ verbally interpreted as agree.

Based on the findings and the conclusions drawn, the following are recommended: 1. The Kalayaan Laguna website is highly recommended for implementation at the said Municipality as to generate a greater number of visitors. 2. Since it can be viewed via- intranet, it is recommended that the website be uploaded in the internet. 3. Future researchers are encouraged to use this study as a reference and that the website can be enhanced in terms of its category, content, graphics etc.

A. Unpublished Materials

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WebsiteRhine Marketing Sales and Inventory System

B. Websites

C. Books
Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia
The New Lexicon Webster Dictionary-the English Language
Webster’s encyclopedia dictionary

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