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Hawksbill Sea Turtles

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Endangered Species are species of animals or plants that are at risk of extinction. There are many different types of endangered species all over the world. One endangered species is the hawksbill sea turtles that are known for their head, which ends in a sharp point that resembles a bird’s beak. These turtles are considered highly valuable because of their colored and pattered shells, which can cause a threat on the population as well as other threats associated to them. This will discuss hawksbill turtles, why they matter, the threats and ways people can help save them. Hawksbill sea turtles are small tropic sea turtles that are typically found around coastal reefs, rocky areas, oceanic islands and lagoons. They have lengthened oval shells

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...The endangered Hawksbill Sea Turtle is found in the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian Oceans (World Wildlife, 2018). Not too keen on deep water, found mostly near the coast line. Not being as large as other seat turtles they still grow up to be big to us. Known to eat sponges, sea anemones, and jellyfish (World Wildlife, 2018). Weighing in at 90-150 lbs, Length of 30-35 inches. Feeding on mostly sponges there pointed beaks to get them from tight spots (World Wildlife, 2018). Their benefit is they help maintain the health of coral reefs and seagrass beds (World Wildlife, 2018). Hawksbills Maintain the health of coral reefs. Removing sponges and providing better access for reef fish to eat (World Wildlife, 2018). Their colored and patterned shells...

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...First, I decided to do some research on the conservation status of Sea Turtles. According to the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, the global statuses are classified as followed: • Leatherbacks: Vulnerable • Greens: Endangered • Loggerheads: Endangered • Hawksbills: Critically Endangered • Olive Ridleys: Vulnerable • Kemp’s Ridleys: Critically Endangered Sea Turtles are among the list of top endangered species. Of the seven species, six are considered endangered. Among those six species are the Green Sea Turtles. Several factors have contributed to their rate of extinction. These factors include: climate change, oil spills, unmanaged coastal development, illegal trade, human consumption, and predators. According to the WorldWildlife webpage, “Incidental capture by fishing gear is the greatest threat to most sea turtles, especially endangered loggerheads, greens and leatherbacks. This threat is increasing as fishing activity expands” ( Upon my research, I found another surprising factor that is currently contributing to sea turtle extinction. I discovered the article, “Invasive algae, pollution cause lethal tumors on sea turtles”. The lethal tumors have been most prevalent in Hawaii’s Green Sea Turtle Species. The tumors are linked to the invasive algae, “Superweed”. The algae grow along an area, where nutrient pollution is not managed regularly. When the sea turtles consume the invasive algae, the amino acids from the algae stimulate...

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...The biology of the sea turtle and facors affecting its population Upon first sight of the great sea turtle it might just think that it is like any other turtle. The truth is that marine turtles are beautiful creatures spending a majority of their lives wandering endlessly through our massive ocean. These reptiles have the ability to do amazing things. Some of these things include evolving to a range of purely innate responses to the demands of a changing suite of environments and having remarkable navigations skills for their excursions that may last up to several years. Sea turtles have been in existence for more than 100 million years and researchers have been studying them for great deal of time. During the past 20 years however, the natural history of marine turtles has received growing attention and much has been learned (Bjorndal 19). Instantly you will fall in love with their beauty and majestic way of life. The biology behind these amazing animals causes them stand out from much of the ocean life. There are seven different species of sea turtles. These species include Kemps Ridley, Flatback, Loggerhead, Olive Ridley, Leatherback, Hawksbill, and the Hawaiian Green Turtle (Gardner 2004). Unlike many animals the female sea turtle is generally larger than the males. The main distinction between the two is that the male tends to have a longer tail. The core part of the sea turtle and the part that helps protect them from predators is the shell. The shell grows around the...

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...maintain the health of ecosystems while human activity is able to have adverse impacts on both organisms and ecosystems. Sea turtle also plays key role in the sea ecosystem. This essay will indicate the important roles of sea turtles on two sea ecosystem, beaches and marine systems, and negative effects of human activity on the turtle and sea ecosystem. Sea turtles have played vital roles in maintaining the health of the world’s oceans for more than 100 million years. According to Ruckdeschel and Shoop (2006, p.2), there are seven species of sea turtles in the world’s oceans, including flatback, green, hawksbill, Kemp’s ridley, leatherback, loggerhea and olive ridley. The roles of those species consist of maintaining healthy seagrass beds and coralreefs, providing habitat for other marine life, helping to balance marine food webs and facilitating nutrient cycling from water to land. To more specific, there is an influence of sea turtles on seagrass beds. Sea turtles, especially green sea turtles, is an animal eating seagrass. This action of the turtles assist in maintaining the health of the sea grass beds because sea grass needs to be constantly cut short to be healthy and help it grow across the sea floor. Wilson, Miller, Allison & Magliocca. (n.d.). Sea turtles also bring some benefits to Beach Dunes. Sea Turtle Conservancy (2014) has claimed that turtle eggs provide dune plants with the nutrients, which makes dune planes grow up and become stronger. These vital nutrients...

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...Rising Temperatures Put Sea Turtles at Risk Sea turtles are said to be one of Earth’s most ancient creatures and the seven species that can be found today have been around for roughly 110 million years, which dates back to when dinosaurs ruled the planet. Their unique shell allows for easy movement through the water and unlike other turtles, sea turtles cannot retract their legs and head into their shells (“Sea Turtle Migration”, 2013). Depending on the species of sea turtle, their diet tends to consist of smaller sea life such as jellyfish, seaweed, crabs, shrimp, sponges, snails and algae. It is also interesting to note that green sea turtles can stay under water for as long as five hours even though the length of a feeding is usually five minutes or less. Their heart rate slows to conserve oxygen and nine minutes may elapse between heartbeats (“Sea Turtle Migration”, 2013). It is often quite difficult to gauge the total population count for sea turtles because both male and juvenile sea turtles do not return to shore once they hatch and reach the ocean, which makes it extremely difficult to keep track of numbers (“Sea Turtle Migration”, 2013). Most of the behavioral information that has been gathered on sea turtles is based off of females and their hatchlings. When females come to shore to lay their eggs they dig out a hole, bury their clutch of eggs and then return to the ocean. The eggs are left unattended to hatch and make their way back to the ocean, which is where...

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...Hey there do you know anything about leatherback sea turtle? They are very cool animals. Let’s get started. Overall Leatherbacks are sea turtles and the only turtle with no shell. Also, the leatherback sea turtle is the heaviest turtle out there. It can weigh up to 2,000 lb. and grow up to 11 ft. They can swim up to 5km to 8km. Although, they can swim fast, they cannot swim backwards. This is why many of them get caught in fishing nets. Turtles breath oxygen, but they spend most of their time in water. There main adaptations are there flippers, shell, and jaw. Food Leatherback's eat mainly jellyfish because they don't have teeth. Eating hard animals could break their jaw. Also, they are immune to jellyfish's sting which means they eat jellyfish. They also eat small crustaceans too. They are mainly predators unless there is a tiger shark in the area. The relationship would be leatherbacks to jellyfish. If there is a tiger shark it would be tiger shark to leatherback. Their food chain would go from seaweed (producers), small fish (primary consumer), jelly fish (secondary consumer), leatherback sea turtle (territory consumers) and hermit crab (decomposer). There are no...

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Biology Sea Turtle website, government website so will be reliable [2] [3] Biological solutions The Indian Ocean - South-East Asian (IOSEA) Marine Turtle Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) protects 6 marine turtles including the green sea turtle. It is a non-binding intergovernmental agreement that aims to protect, conserve, and recover sea turtles and their habitats in the Indian Ocean and South-East Asia region. [1] This includes the turtles on the coast of Nellore. Graph showing total number of nests protected in Nellore district from 2008 to 2012 February [2] The number of green sea turtles is particularly important for creating a diverse ecosystem since they are the only herbivorous marine turtle and so they transfer nutrients from nutrient-rich areas like sea grass beds to nutrient-poor ecosystems like nesting beaches. This is why many organisations, such as the Inter-American Convention (IAC) for the Protection and Conservation of Sea Turtles, trys to increase their numbers and diversity, so they prevent the sea turtle’s extinction and they can continue to play their beneficial role to their ecosystem. The IAC is an intergovernmental treaty that provides the legal framework for countries in the Americas and the Caribbean to take actions for the benefit of sea turtles. [1] Between...

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