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How to Run an Event

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How to run an event?
The purpose: To inform the audience how they can run an event on campus?
Main points: -Complete the contract of the performer and fill out all the forms necessary, -Market the event, -Running the event the day of.
Being a member of LEAP the first thing you learn is how to run an event on campus. 1. The first thing you need to do is contact the performer and book the performer for the day that you’re interested, also first make sure the performer is around the amount of money that your assigned to use. After you book the performer you wait for them to send you the contract. Meanwhile there are three other forms that you need to feel out. The green form, which is due 2 weeks before the event, this includes your food form for which you go to Paul, also book the room in which you want to have the event. Book the room for the time of the event, PLUS time for setup and tear down. Make sure to have the items that are required by contact.
The red form, also due 2 weeks before, which is basically a checklist to help you do everything that you need to get done before the event. The green form -Overview of the event: Place to find more information, confirmed room, review tech needs, confirm food orders. Yellow Form - Don’t miss deadlines: Make sure staffing list is sent at least two weeks prior to the event; make sure parking request is sent at least 7 days before the event The lion production for sounds and after the event you have to fill out the evaluation form which is called the blue form.
MAINTENANCE-. Check restrictions set by risk management. Draw up a setup for the event. Run setup by the advisor. Hand in setup to Marcia. Double check the setup the day before. PAPERWORK- Email members staffing list. Confirm the staffing list closer to the event. Send staffing list to LEAP Liaison for the point system. Make sure that there is ACTIVE staffing going (working the event and not just attending it) 2. Marketing is one of the biggest pieces of running an event because If you don’t market your event then no one is going to know about it and of course no one is going to come. You can market an event in many ways but one thing that you always do are fliers. Fliers need to attract the eye of people and they need to hold the important information about the event like where is it going to be at, the date and the time of the event. Fliers need to be up around campus usually 2 weeks before the event even earlier. Other that fliers you can also do mini-fliers and give them out the week of the event. Some other things that we use are the door hangers, table tents and labels. Marketing requires you to be creative and different. You also do a sing up sheet to get people to sign up and help you because you are going to need a lot of help especially the day off the event. 3. The day of the event you have to start setting up at least 2 hours before it starts, unless it’s a big event, if so you need more than that. You need to make sure that all the marketing is up, today signs with a today flier, you can also do balloon sign and staple 2 fliers in it, and they need to be up early in the morning. 30 minutes before the event starts you need to do an pre-check up to make sure everything is ok.

Conclusion: Running an event takes three steps, completing the contracts, marketing the event, and running the event the day off.

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