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Hris Implementation

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HRIS Implementation
Background and company objective

The company that I am currently working for is one of the largest automotive fleet provider in
North America and industry leader in vehicle event services. We are committed to effectively managing and delivering the right solution for a broad spectrum of customer needs better than any other comparable source in the country. Dedication to our 1,900 countrywide personnel and
100 Canadian employees is one of the big reasons of our success and why I truly enjoy working there. Our HR team, which I am a part of, is in sync with our company’s culture and goals and is in charge of multiple tasks including: payroll processing, benchmarking our salaries to industry, handling unemployment claims, producing W2s, provide strong and well administered benefits, verify employment for current and termed employees, handle employee relations/disputes as well as keeping track of various safety trainings and certifications. Some of those tasks not only create a huge bottlenecks requiring unessential data but also make reporting, which is preformed quite often in my opinion, very difficult and challenging.
The challenges that our HR team faces on a daily basis, besides reporting, are a variety of out- dated and no longer supported systems used in our department that need to be updated manually in order to function somewhat properly in our time keeping system, which really brings down our productivity and increases likelihood of costly errors. Benefit tracking and reporting feels like wasted time since it’s one of the major time consuming tasks that I am personally responsible for and it’s hardly ever accurate and at the end we still turn to our benefit advisor for a detailed report that is somewhat...

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