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International Business Communication Britnie Hassen Colorado Technical University

After extensive research on international job openings in Mexico, Israel, China and UAE I was able to find some customer service jobs that all four countries are looking to have filled by different companies. Here are the links to each posting that I located:

China: Mexico: Israel:
Differences in resume, cover letter and email formalities internationally:

For starters the term resume can also be referred to as a “CV” or curriculum vitae, which is typically the same thing as a resume except CV’s are normally two pages long and with multiple attachments. Cover letters as referred to in the U.S have multiple names internationally like letters of interest and motivation letters. Regardless of the name the process is still the same however typically self-photos of the applying individual are attached to a cover letter, resume or both whereas in the U.S, photos are not appropriate attachments when looking for employment.

It is also important to remember that paper sizes differ in other countries so altering your document size will be necessary if you want all your information to come through, otherwise your resume, fax, email etc. may have some missing information when viewed or printed out. It is ideal to send both a resume in English and the language of the country in which you are applying to. You may even need to prepare yourself to be interviewed in both languages (Thompson, n.d).

Customer Service Rep/Manager/Agent


1st September 2013
Amy Wen
Human Resource Manager
Hilton Beijing Wangfujing
Beijing, China

Dear Ms. Wen, I am writing this letter to you to express my interest in the position of Customer Service Manager for your company. I am enclosing my CV and all the necessary documents along with this letter.

The chance presented in this citation is very interesting, and I think that my powerful and updated managing experience and knowledge in the hotel industry will make me a very spirited contender for this position. The key skills that I have for accomplishment in this position are: I have easily planned, developed, and implemented ways to increase occupancy and revenue by competitively researching local hotels, noting there rates and services and making the necessary changes within my own hotel to appeal to potential clients. I struggle for continued brilliance and challenges that allow myself to improve and grow. I provide outstanding contributions to client service for all clientele in addition to holding a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Colorado Technical University, U.S.

Therefore, I would be grateful if you consider my application and decide to meet me to further discuss my candidature for the position.

Sincerely, Britnie Hassen

Cover Letter:

Britnie Hassen
3329 Grayling Pl.
Toledo, Ohio 43623

1st September 2013
Amy Wen
Hilton Beijing Wangfujing
8 Wangfujing East Street
Dongcheng, Beijing, CN, 100006

Dear Ms. Wen,

I am aware that the Hilton Beijing Wangfujing is looking for an experienced International Customer Service Manager to expand its services and client base throughout Beijing. I am perfect for this position, as my background directly reflects your needs, in addition to the fact that I will be relocating to the Beijing location in little over a month. For your review, I have enclosed a personal CV which will provide you with details concerning my background and qualifications.

In addition to holding a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management with a focus in Human Resource Management from Colorado Technical University, U.S I also speak fluent Mandarin Chinese, Spanish and English. My background also includes the following:

* Experience in customer relations and international sales. While working for Ramada Plaza Hotel and Conference Centers, I successfully expanded the company by assisting in the development of several new markets in Brazil, Germany, India and Pakistan. As a result of my strategic market planning and client development, Ramada Plaza Hotel and Conference Centers became the first American hotel chain to have a strong foothold in more than 56 countries around the globe for the past twenty years.

* Even with all the experience I have gained by working closely throughout the Middle East, South America and Europe, in addition I have always dreamed of entering the Asian hospitality market so I can utilize my skills and experiences in order to implement new technologies and skill sets that will improve employee turnover rates, customer satisfaction and increased revenues which will greatly benefit your organization. My success throughout my career is largely due to my ability to develop and expand new markets on an international basis, and to effectively communicate with a multitude of diverse cultures throughout the world.

* An excellent leader, team builder, relationship builder, and motivator of others, I am a strong decision maker and negotiator when working with Foreign relations, multicultural clientele, staff and management personal in which I utilize strong personal relationships, open and effective communication in addition to upholding a honest and integrity geared presence in all business matters relating to the success and strategic goals and values established by the organization above all else.

I am confident that with my extensive experience and career goals, I would be a valuable asset to your company that will ensure that every need, goal, vision and mission is carried out in a way that promotes positive outcomes and continued success for your organization. I would like to formally request a personal interview at your earliest convenience so we may discuss ways that I can significantly contribute to your team of professionals. I will be arriving in Beijing on the 5th of October 2013 if a face to face meeting is more ideal and convenient to your needs. I will follow up with a telephone call within a few days to touch base with you on the progress of my request in case you have any additional questions or need further clarification on my background information. I will also supply letters of recommendation upon request.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Britnie Hassen


Britnie M. Hassen
3329 Grayling Pl., Toledo, Ohio 43623

“Britnie is a determined International Customer Service Manager believer that honest actions A proven self-starter and flexible leader with strong result in honest business interpersonal skills and the ability to diagnose any cross- relationships. She has an cultural barriers in communication. Skilled in the ability to amazing ability to see the strategically identify and implement changes unique to an potential in others and truly organizations needs based on global business strategies and knows how to go about goals. making things happen.
Britnie’s experience in building relationships stems * Over ten years of cross-cultural hospitality work experience on the priority she places in four countries on the general understanding * Extensive experience in strategic planning with a combined and connection with key knowledge of project management, international relations and individuals in other team building countries and cultures” *Proven ability to manage multiple international hospitality
Ameet Patel markets while utilizing talent acquisitions to deal with
Food and Beverage Mgr. cultural barriers while maintaining the objectives of the market
Ramada Plaza Hotel *Willing to travel *Fluent understanding of Mandarin, Spanish and English speaking languages and cultures *Computer skills: Proficient in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Adobe Employment: Ramada Plaza Hotel, Toledo, Oh- 2003 to present Lead Hospitality Services Director Known for creating positive experiences at over 900 hotels in over 50 countries. *Implemented changes to the recruiting and training of all staff. *Expanded the organizations clientele base by over 300% worldwide *Reduced labor and out of pocket costs by implementing new technologies that allow for a more efficient and productive atmosphere. Toledo Bank and Trust, Toledo, Oh- 1998-2003 Accounting Specialist Managed and designed international business relationships with global clients based locally. *Assigned tasks for tracking the financial process while ensuring that everything maintained in compliance with international accounting practices and procedures *Handled account reconciliations statements *Prepared annual budgets and monthly forecast reports

Education: Bachelor of Science- Business Administration (focus on Business and Human Resource Management) Colorado Technical University, Colorado Springs, CO

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