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Job Preference for Hospitality Industry

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The career factors used by Richardson (2009) are similar to the pre- and post-entry Expectations examined by Blomme et al. (2009). Blomme et al. found distinct differences in expectations of job content, development opportunities, work-family balance, salary, Performance-related pay and career opportunities. The authors argue discrepancies in what employees expect in the industry and actually experience may lead to negative consequences, such as turnover

Richardson (2009) received completed surveys from 379 tourism and hospitality students (25% response) in Australia to measure perceptions of the hospitality industry. The author examined differences between importance and expectations of students on 20 career factors. The authors found discrepancies between what students perceived as important and what they expected in a hospitality career. Richardson concluded hospitality and tourism students do not expect the hospitality and tourism industries to offer them the career factors they feel are important. In addition, the author noted tourism and hospitality students do not have a clear idea of careers and working conditions in the hospitality industry.

A study carried out by Chen (2000) which analysed the perceptions of tourism students’ toward work values concluded that one particular group of students categorized as “income movers” expressed a reduced desire to work in the industry due to poor earnings potential. Barron & Maxwell (1993) surveyed a group of new students studying for a hospitality degree and students who had returned from a placement period in the industry. The main findings from that study were that generally, both groups acknowledged that it was a growth sector with opportunities for career progression. However, whilst the new students expressed a positive opinion regarding the industry, post placement students returned with a somewhat negative attitude towards it. Both groups cited “financial reward” as poor. Furthermore, post placement students felt that profit maximization took priority over employee utility. This point raises the issue of the role of management and employee relationships. Jenkins (2001) conducted a similar investigation which analyses the attitudes, perceptions, job expectations and career commitment of hospitality students at different stages of their studies. The main conclusion from that study was that as students progressed with their education (inclusive of any work/placement experience), the percentage of those definitely wishing to seek employment in the industry post‐graduation, falls. He comments that 71 per cent of first year students would definitely be looking for a job in the industry, where only 45 per cent and 13 per cent of second and third years respectively would do the same (Jenkins, 2001). Furthermore, the level of job position expected on graduation is skewed toward management/senior management level wherein the author asks if this expectation is realistic.

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