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Lesson Plan- Measurement

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Lesson Plan for young learners: ( Pre – Primary )

Name of the Teacher : xxxx xxxxx | Date: 11/5/2015 | Age Group : 3-5 | Number of Students : 25 | Name of the activity: Beginning measurement | Material(s) used: * Ruler * Tape measure * Yardstick * Scale * Thermometer * Classroom objects to be measured and weighed (pencil, box, book, desk, etc.). Be sure the objects can be easily measured with the tools you are using. * Clock * Coins | How is it going to benefit the child : * Demonstrate the basic measures of length, width, height, weight, and temperature by measuring objects and recording the information. * Demonstrate how time is measured by recording it to the nearest minute. * Count money using coins. | Presentation:1. Display a ruler, yardstick, tape measure, and scale. Explain to students that these tools are used to measure.

The ruler, tape measure, and yardstick are tools for measuring the length, width, and height of an object.
The scale is used to find the weight of an object. Model how to place an object on the scale and read the display.

Set up two stations for students to practice measuring length, width, height, and weight. * Station 1: Place several classroom objects and the ruler, tape measure, and yardstick at the station. Have students take turns using the measuring tools to find the length, width, and height of each object. They should record their measurements in Chart 1 Measuring the Length, Width, and Height of Objects. Then they can compare and discuss measurements using terms like greater than, less than, longer, and shorter. * Station 2: Place several classroom objects and the scale at the station. Have students take turns weighing each object. They should record their measurements in Chart 2 Measuring the Weight of Objects. Then they can compare and discuss measurements using terms like greater than,...

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