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Things You'll Need * Cage * Water * Dishes * Perches * Toys 1. * 1

Decide to purchase one or two lovebirds. It is not uncommon for lovebirds to live alone if the bird will be in an active social environment. Many people purchase two birds to enjoy the interaction and for breeding. For someone who works through the day and will leave the bird alone, a pair is recommended. Remember the gender of the lovebirds is not visible to the human eye, and is best detected through DNA testing. * 2

Purchase an escape-proof cage. The bars on the cage should be close enough together where the lovebird cannot squeeze through or become stuck. Place food on the floor instead of on the perches when the bird first arrives. A young bird may take several days to acclimate to a new environment. Have several dishes of clean water available throughout the cage. A variety of perches with varying diameters is recommended for strengthening and exercising a bird's grip. * 3

Visit a veterinarian within one week of purchasing your lovebird. Discuss routine checkups and testing for Psittacosis (chlamydiosis). Not common in lovebirds, it is a disease that can affect humans. * 4

Allow the lovebird out of the cage at a minimum of once per day. Always check the room for safety prior to release. Do not allow other pets into the room. Kitchens tend to be hazardous for lovebirds due to hot stoves and sharp utensils. * 5

Supply a variety of toys. Change out toys on a daily basis. Lovebirds are highly intelligent and enjoy playing with a variety of materials and textures. * 6

Let the lovebird bathe throughout the week. A plant mister can gently be sprayed oto the bird. Fresh bowls of water provide space for a bird to clean. Lovebirds may enjoy playing in sinks where a light stream of running water is flowing.
Tips & Warnings * Lovebirds love to snack on fresh corn on the cob. * When setting a cage outside make sure it is safely closed with extra clasps. Check to make sure no other animals can harass the birds, such as squirrels, raccoons or wild birds.

Lovebirds:"How To Care For Lovebirds"Lovebirds are some of the smallest of the parrots ranging in size from 4 to 7 inches. They are comparable in size to the Budgerigars, or Parakeets. They make excellent pets because of their size and because they allow people in apartments to enjoy the beauty of a parrot without the noise and space requirements. Lovebirds live up to 15-18 typically years with proper care. If you’re considering adding a Lovebird to your family, you might want to ask yourself these questions:

1) Do I have a safe and appropriate space available for this bird?

2) Do I understand that owning this bird will be a life-long commitment?

3) Am I willing and able to spend supervised time with this bird outside of the cage? | |
4) Will the natural calls and sounds of this bird be bothersome to me or anyone in my family?

5) Will I, or another mature responsible person, take on the responsibility of caring for this bird?If you can answer yes to each of these, congratulations! A Lovebird may be the perfect choice for your new family pet. If you wan to raise a lovebird that's thrilled to spend time with you we can show you how!Lovebirds originated in Africa and Madagascar and are now some of the most popular of all parrots. They are energetic, curious, and come in a wide variety of colors. They love to chew on things, so providing safe chew toys is a must. They also love to take baths, so you’ll want to include a shallow bowl for them to bathe in.Lovebirds can also be territorial, and that may include choosing one family member over the others. They chatter quite loudly but are nowhere near as noisy as their larger cousins. | Although Lovebirds chatter quiet a bit, and they can learn to mimic the human voice, most do not learn to talk. Just because they don’t talk back doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t talk with them when you give it the care and attention that it craves.You may actually be surprised to hear a word or phrase slip from their little beak. The more time and attention given to your Lovebird, the less likely your bird will develop behavior problems like biting or feather picking. |
There are nine species of lovebirds; eight of the nine can be purchased as pets. The eight species available as pets are:

1. Abyssinian Lovebirds 5. Fischer’s Lovebirds
2. Red-faced Lovebirds 6. Masked Lovebirds (Black-masked or
3. Nyasa Lovebirds (Lilian’s) 7. Madagascar Lovebirds Yellow-collared Greyheaded
4. Black-cheeked or Black-faced 8. Peach-faced or Rosy-faced

The Black-collared Lovebird is generally not available as a pet because it does not do well in captivity. Don’t expect to purchase a huge 3x4 foot cage for your Lovebird. They need an appropriately sized cage that is large enough they have move around freely while still having the security they need when they’re home alone.

It is often recommended that instead of buying one lovebird, you buy two because they are such social birds. You know best the time you have to devote to a bird or birds. | |
Don’t expect to purchase a huge 3x4 foot cage for your Lovebird. They need an appropriately sized cage that is large enough they have move around freely while still having the security they need when they’re home alone. It is often recommended that instead of buying one lovebird, you buy two because they are such social birds. You know best the time you have to devote to a bird or birds.

Lovebirds enjoy variety, much like their human family. A commercially prepared pellet, specially formulated for their nutritional needs, can be supplemented with fruits, seeds, and vegetables. Fresh greens, such as spinach or kale, are very beneficial. Some owners even share their own meal with their lovebird. Of course, you will have to decide if you’re comfortable doing this, but lovebirds can eat quite a few human foods.

Lovebirds are the easiest of the parrot family to keep. They aren’t extremely destructive and they aren’t particularly loud even though they chatter all day. They may try to “discipline” you with their beak, but you can’t allow |

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