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Management Function in Pran

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Term Paper
Management Function

Date: 08/04/2012
Silvia Akter
Faculty of Business Administration
East West University.
Subject: Submission of report on “Management Function of PRAN”.
This is our great pleasure to have the opportunity to submit the report on the “ ” as part of our course studies.
The report is prepared based on visiting company, published reports, websites and other related documents and the documents collected from library. Through our best sincerity we have tried to uptake all the related issues in the report within several limitations. We sincerely hope and believe that these findings will be able to meet the requirements of the course.
Therefore we would like to place this report for your kind judgment and valuable suggestion.
Thanking you.
Sincerely yours
Md. Mushfiqul Haque Mukit
ID: 2010-2-18-010
Arafa Ferdous
ID: 2011-1-10-360
Mahfuz Ahmed
ID: 2011-2-10-194


At first we are very grateful and thankful to the Almighty Allah.
For the completion of this report visiting the company, searching for websites, articles and related documents were required. However, it was our instructor, Silvia Akter who played the important role by giving us an insight about the report. We express our profound indebtedness and gratitude to her, for her valuable advice that helped immensely in preparing this report.
In addition we would also like to thank all employees of PRAN who spent their valuable time to provide us information about their company.
We are also thankful to our fellow students, who helped us a lot to prepare this report.

Table of Content

History of PRAN | Page-1-2 | Planning | Page-2-6 | Organizing | Page-6-7 | Leading | Page-8-10 | Controlling | Page-10-13 | Conclusion | Page-13 | Reference | Page-14 |...

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