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1) How if at all, does importance of knowledge of OB differ based on a manager’s level in the organization?
I do not think importance of OB differs among managers because it helps all levels better predict and influence behavior of their employees. Organizational behavior can help any level manager with productivity, attendance, turnover, citizenship, behavior, satisfaction and misbehavior of their employees.
2) “A growing number of companies are now convinced that people’s ability to understand and to manage their emotions improves their performance, their collaboration with peers, and their interaction with customers”. What are implications of this statement for managers?
If the manager’s company agrees with this statement, the manager must consider emotional intelligence (EI) as a necessary factor in employee selection, as well as in employee training and development issues.
3) What behavioral predictions might you make if you knew that an employee had (a) external locus of control, (b) a low Mach score, (c) low self-esteem, or (d) high self-monitoring tendencies?
Employees with an external locus of control might be less satisfied with their jobs, more alienated from the work setting, and less involved in their work. Employees with a low Mach score would be overly idealistic, emotional, and concerned about fair and equitable treatment. Employees with low self-esteem would be more susceptible to external influence. Employees with high self-monitoring tendencies would tend to be more adaptable in adjusting their behavior to the demands of different situations.
4) “Managers should never use discipline with a problem employee.” Do you agree or disagree? Discuss.
I disagree. I think discipline should be used with problem employees, just as much as a reward system should be used for good employees who accomplish certain tasks. If employees can get away with

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