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Troll Bridge


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Written assignment: Troll Bridge
We live in a society filled with norms, solid framework and expectations. We are expected not to fart at meetings or to tell every stranger we meet about our sexual preferences. Although it may seem that these “appropriate” behaviors are a pure reflection of our true selves it is not, according to psychoanalytic Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung. All humans have deeply stored inside their brains a subconscious mind, which is where all our truly desires are suppressed. These desires can be expressed differently. To take an example: Writers are often able to access a collective unconscious and use it to create artistic literary work filled with symbolism and features which are interesting to the psychoanalytic critic. One of those writers is Neil Gaiman and in his short story Troll Bridge many psychoanalytical symbols can be interpreted.
The story follows the protagonist and first-person narrator Jack and his life development. Every time Jack is in a changing period of his life he meets a troll, who says he wants to eat him. First time they meet, Jack is a 7-year-old boy who is out to explore the countryside. His surroundings change as he goes and he gives a detailed picture of what his curious eyes see. When he sees a bridge he is surprised that there is any token of the existence of humanity, so he must be quite far out. It’s under this bridge Jack meets the troll who completely untraditionally introduces himself with “I am a troll” (p. 3, l. 32). The Troll lives under the bridge, which can symbolize some sort of rite of passage. Jack is a little boy who has come to learn about his fears and his desires, which is a big part of growing up. He must face these and the troll to become a developed young teenage boy. The troll symbolizes his fears: “He was all my nightmares given flesh” (p. 3, l. 36). To save his own skin Jack offers the

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Troll Bridge

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