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Media Influence On The Military

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Napoleon Bonaparte once said that “Four Hostile Newspapers are More to be Feared than a Thousand Bayonets.” The military – media relations have been characterized by mutual suspicion, disagreement and competing objectives (Carlos, 2003). This is because the military adopt the principle of secrecy for execution of its operations as opposed to that of openness adopted by the media. The military conducts its operations in a manner that offers the best conditions of security for personnel, equipment and the aim of the operation. On the other hand, the media considers it a duty to inform the public about events as and when they unfold without any imposed restraint, especially during conflict. However, the nature of modern warfare has necessitated that the media and military compliments each other’s roles in order to build a virile nation. This is because, the influence of media on military operations is invaluable. The media has the capacity to influence the conduct of hostilities, particularly through its impact on popular sentiment. In order to maximize the effects of media on military operations, commanders must grant unrestricted access to journalists during operations without jeopardizing the operational plan. This will not only encourage team bonding between the media and military, but …show more content…
The complex nature of the military environment and the high tempo of operations place great strain on the fighting spirit and morale of security forces. Positive media reports on troops generally raise combat effectiveness. In contemporary military operations such as Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, journalists were embedded to conduct media operations (Wilax, 2003). The journalists initiate reports on progress of operation and transmit same from within the theatre of operations. These media activities kept the public informed and significantly raised the morale of coalition

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