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University of Mumbai
CLASS: T.E. (Electronics Engineering)
Semester - V
SUBJECT: Linear Integrated Circuit and Design
Lecture 4
Periods per week
Practical 2
(each of 60 min.)
Tutorial Evaluation System




Theory Examination
Practical examination
Oral Examination
Term Work



To teach the basic concepts in the design of electronic circuits using linear integrated circuits and their applications in the processing of analog signals. Also to introduce a few special function integrated circuits such as Regulator ICS, Waveform generator etc.
Passive circuit analysis and transistor behavior. single or two stage amplifier, Diff-Amp and Current Mirror concepts

Operational Amplifier Fundamentals
 Basic Op Amp Configurations,
 Ideal Op Amp Circuits Analysis,
 Simplified Op Amp Circuits Diagram,
 Input Bias and Offset Currents,
 Low-Input-Bias-Current Op Amps,
 Input Offset Voltage,
 Low-Input-Offset-Voltage Op Amps,
 Input Offset-Error Compensation,
 Maximum Ratings.
 Open-Loop Response,
 Closed-Loop Response
 Input and Output Impedances
 Transient Response
 Effect of Finite GBP on Integrator
 Effect of Finite GBP on Filters
 Current-Feedback Amplifiers



Linear Applications of OP-AMP


The Stability Problem,
Stability in Constant-GBP Op Amps
Internal Frequency Compensation
External Frequency Compensation
Stability in CFA Circuits
Composite Amplifiers
Op Amp Powering.
Slew rate and methods of improving slew rate.

Current shunt feedback
Current Series feedback (Non-Inverting
Summing Amplifier, Averaging Amplifier
Difference Amplifier,
Instrumentation Applications,
Integrator/Differentiator using OP-AMP
Current-to-Voltage Converters,
Voltage-to-Currents Converters,
Grounded load V/I Converter
V-F and F-V Converters.
Sample-and-Hold Amplifiers

Active Filter
 The Transfer function,
 First-Order Active Filters,
 Audio Filter Applications,
 Standard Second- Order Responses,
KRC Filters,
 Multiple-Feedback Filters,
 State-Variable and Biquad Filters,
 Sensitivity, Filter approximations,
 Cascade design,
 Generalized impedance converters,
 Direct design,
 Switched capacitor filters.



Non Linear Applications of OP-AMP

Voltage Comparators
Comparator Application
Schmitt Triggers,
Precision Rectifier
Peak Detectors
Mono-shot Multi-vibrator
Astable Multi-vibrator
Data Converters and Regulators





Analog Switches
A-D Conversion Techniques
D-A Conversion Techniques
ICs employing above techniques and their applications
Functional block diagram of Voltage
Fixed voltage Regulators(78XX and
Variable Voltage Regulators (LM317 and

6.Waveform Generators and synthesizers
 Oscillators using OP-AMP (RC –Phase shift and Wien Bridge oscillators)
 Monolithic Timer – NE555
 Phase-Locked Loops, Monolithic PLLs


Text Books:
1. Sergio Franco, Design with operational amplifiers and analog integrated circuits,
Third edition, McGraw Hill International edition, 2002.
2. Ramakant A.Gayakwad, ‘OP-AMP and Linear IC’s’, Prentice Hall / Pearson
Education, 1994.
3. Robert Coughlin and F Driscoll, Operational Amplifiers and Linear Integrated circuits, sixth edition, Pearson Education Asia, 2001
4. D.Roy Choudhry, Shail Jain, “Linear Integrated Circuits”, New Age International
Pvt. Ltd., 2000.

Additional Reading:
1. Donald A. Neamen, Electronic Circuit Analysis and Design, Second edition, McGraw Hill International edition 2001

2. James M. Fiore, Op Amps and Linear Integrated circuits, First reprint,
Thomson Asia Pte. Ltd., 2001
3. K.R.Botkar, ‘Integrated Circuits’. Khanna Publishers, 1996.
Suggested Practical list




Determination of Slew Rate, CMRR and Frequency and offset voltage for IC 741 Op-amp.


Applications of

Design and implementation of linear equation for opamp
i.e. Vo= V1 + V2 –V3 using IC 741
Frequency response of Integrator/ differentiator using simulation Program on SPICE
Frequency Response of 2nd order HPF filter on
Frequency Response of 2nd order LPF using SPICE
Design of Schmitt Trigger using IC 741 for designed value of UTP and LTP
Design of mono-stable Multi-vibrator for required pulse width using IC 741
Design of Astable multi-vibrator for required frequency and Duty cycle using IC 741
Design of triangular/ Saw-tooth wave form generator using IC 741
Design of R/2R ladder 4-bit D/A Converter using IC
Design FLASH TYPE 2-bit A/D converter using LM
Design of LOW / HIGH Voltage Regulator using IC
Design RC oscillators for required frequency and verify it using SPICE code
Design of mono-stable Multi-vibrator for required pulse width using IC 555
Design of Astable multi-vibrator for required frequency and Duty cycle using IC 555
Verify IC 565 as Frequency Demodulator
Verify working of waveform generator ICL 8038


Active Filter

Non Linear
Applications of


Data Converters and Regulators


Generators and synthesizers Practical/ Oral Examination:
Practical Examination will be based on experiments performed from the list of experiment given in the syllabus and the evaluation based on the same experiment. Oral will be based on any experiment performed from the list of experiment given in the syllabus and the entire syllabus.
The term-work shall consist of at least six laboratory experiments covering the whole of syllabus, duly recorded and graded as well as at least four computer simulations using EDA tools like PSPICE duly recorded and graded. This will carry a weightage of Ten marks. A test shall be conducted and will carry a weightage of ten marks.

The distribution of marks for term work shall be as follows
Laboratory work (Experiments and Journal)
Test (at least one)
Attendance (Practical and Theory)

: 10 marks.
: 10 marks.
: 05 marks.

The final certification and acceptance of term-work ensures the satisfactory performance of laboratory work and minimum passing in the term-work.
Theory Examination:
1. Question paper will comprise of total 7 questions, each of 20 marks.
2. Only 5 questions need to be solved.
3. Question number 1 will be compulsory and will cover all modules.
4. Remaining questions will be from the same module or mixed in nature. (e.g.suppose Q.2 has part (a) from, module 3 then part (b) will be from any module other than module 3.)
5. In the question paper, weightage of each module will be proportional to number of respective lecture hours as mentioned in the syllabus.
6. No question should be asked from pre-requisite module

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