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Nutrition and Diseases

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Are we giving our body the proper rest and nutrients our body need to function properly?
The body is a complex machine which reacts to the environment it’s in and the nutrition it gets from the food we eat and the proper rest. Most of us really don’t test our bodies to its full capabilities, but the body is much more than we think. Proper nutrition and rest is essential to the maintenance of our body, for it to function properly, but with so much fix quick foods on the market and our increasingly difficult pace of life, it can be hard to get into and keep a healthy eating routine. Eating healthy does not mean giving up the foods we love to eat, it’s all about moderation, but once you get into eating healthy meals, making those foods we love to eat and fast food a treat will be easy, it’s all about being able to make the time to get that routine started. Being educated about the different foods we eat and how they affect our bodies when we overdo it is the key to making the right choices. There is the proper rest and nutrients our body need to maintain in order to keep it running smoothly for its entire lifespan. The human body is made up of a complex system of muscles, cells, and organ, all working together to keep the bod functioning and the more life becomes complicated, the more important it becomes to eat the right foods so the body can keep performing at its optimum best. In order for everything to do their job properly the body requires various nutrition from the foods we eat and proper rest. The body needs a good mixture of carbohydrates, protein and fats for its functions. Just like putting the wrong petrol in your car and it starts doing all kinds of wrong things, the same thing with your body, only difference is, with your car you can feel it doing something wrong. The body uses these different types of foods for different functions such as energy, joint...

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