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D’Amore-McKim School of Business
Fall 2015

Professor: Cynthia Jackson

Class days/time/location: MWTh/1:35-2:40 p.m./70 Dodge Hall MWTh/4:35-5:40 p.m./70 Dodge Hall

Office hours/location: M/12:00-1:00 p.m./404 Hayden Hall W/3:00-4:00 p.m./404 Hayden Hall and by appointment

Network/Voice-mail: 617-373-4643 E-mail:

Teaching Assistant: Nghia (Mash) Pham E-mail:
Office location: 439 Dodge Hall/TBA

Course Materials:

• TEXT: Financial Accounting, 8th edition, Libby, Libby, & Short (Irwin McGraw-Hill) • Connect Plus • Learn Smart • Simple 4-function calculator

Text and Connect Plus Options

• Hardcover (including Connect Plus plus ebook access) o $303 at the Bookstore (resale value approximately $137 at the Booskstore)

• Ebook and Connect Plus o $105 – online purchase o Valid for both semesters of this course

• Connect Plus only o $76 – online purchase o No ebook or text material included o You can use this option if you have purchased a 2nd hand text

• Looseleaf Text o $40 “upgrade” – you must have purchased one of the Connect Plus options o Online purchase through Connect Plus o This is a black & white, 3-hole punched, loose-leaf copy of the full text

Registration with Connect is required. Your homework will be completed and submitted via McGraw-Hill’s Connect website.
If you have not bought a text/package yet and are not sure if you will remain in this course, you can still register with CONNECT to do your first assignment by selecting the free trial option.

Connect access class web page:

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 Norman,2 people because of the way he was dressed and how he was presented. He no longer had on old ragged cloths, and now wore an expensive wardrobe fit for a prince. The crowed did not mock him nor call him names because he looked like he came from wealth and was high up in the social status. In the song “Prince Ali”, the harem girls sing “There's no question this Ali's alluring. Never ordinary, never boring. Everything about the man just plain impresses... He's a winner. He’s a whiz— a wonder! He's about to pull my heart asunder. And I absolutely love the way he dresses!”. However, in “One Jump...

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