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Poverty and Obesity


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Poverty and Childhood Obesity
Linda Weems
English 122
Instructor: Craig Smith
October 5, 2012

Poverty and Childhood Obesity
Over the past years, more people have become underprivileged. America used to have a strong middle class, but now the middle class is gradually retreating due to many jobs going overseas and local companies closing due to the 2007 economic crash. Because of the state of the economy, people will have to make tough decisions about what to spend their money on. Childhood obesity in America is an increasing ailment that has become an epidemic that has lasting emotional effects, because of the limited access to healthy foods. In more recent months, middle class families have been finding it hard to keep up with the rising cost of food and many of them have turned to the State for public assistance. In Nevada, “The picture of the food stamp spike is framed by the recession: About 145,000 Nevadans were collecting food stamps in fiscal 2007; in March of this year, the government counted almost 354,000 recipients statewide”. (Demirjian, 2012) In my neighborhood, I look around at the kids surrounding me. More than half of these kids are what one would consider “obese”. Childhood obesity is increasing in the United States – and the kids that I see today are a direct result of America’s unawareness to this crisis. The key causes of childhood obesity are a deficiency of exercise and deprived nutrition; these contributors must be conquered early in the home and school settings. The behaviors that they learn as toddlers and practice throughout their teen lives will be behaviors that they will take into their teen years and later into adulthood. Aren’t you ready to do something about it?

For children, this is the first time in history that childhood obesity is more of a prevailing problem than undernourishment. In the

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