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Racism And Social Justice Issues

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This week’s post was to discuss the relationship between ideas raised in this week's unit and a social justice issue that are prevalent today, or a social justice issue raised in the previous units. Pretty much all of my peers had a main focus on the social justice issue of racism. This has a lot to do with it being so prevalent today through the use of oppression and that it has led to many problematic situations for innocent people. In one example from the ColorLines video, Smooth (2016) did an interview with Arielle, who explained that not everyone’s oppression is the same since it is determined by many different factors and that people must keep in mind that some people are oppressed more than other people are. The class used a few different

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Racial and Ethnic Discrimination appealing. And just like this, there are many other ways for us as individuals to act on discrimination. Now when this discernment is taken further as in racial and ethnic differences the insight of this action shouldn’t be tolerable. Topics like philosophical and social implications of race, multiple racial, ethnic and cultural identities, racism, affirmative action, class conscious rather than color conscious, and the color blind principle are pointed out following. When we look at physical characteristics such as skin color from a social perspective, there is not a clear connotation; however, these physiognomies do have what we referred to as social meaning. Ethical Issues * Racial constructions and taxonomy are topics that somewhat have been rooted in the cognizance of our society by previous societies. I have come to believe that the biological sense of race is being slowly forgotten or dismissed. The majority of the general population here in America, potentially think these circumstances are only or mostly experienced on this side of the globe. However, coming from a third world country myself, and personally associating with individuals of other nationalities; I can discern that this is an issue seen everywhere and then again achieved by...

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...mean if they were all treated equally by the law. Racism is still very much a major part of our society. Growing up in NY I always knew that there were racist people, but I never knew how the racism actually affected our society and how strongly it influences such things as government funding for education and housing developments. Racism and prejudice always seemed secondary to me. I always knew that this country had issues with racism, but I never imagined that it affected serious issues so heavily. Minorities in this country are put at a greater disadvantage than whites. Many minorities, especially those that do not speak English as their primary language, have to deal with inadequate housing, underfunded school districts and the everyday struggle of discrimination for their differences and beliefs. Most people believe that black and Hispanic people simply commit more crime; the situation is actually more complex. Research suggests crime exists across all societies; it is the type of crimes committed that varies. Those who are victimized by crime are the lower economic levels of society. I think it’s a lack of knowledge and we only focus on these two groups. White collar crimes that are committed primarily by the middle-class and whites are underreported and often not counted in official crime statistics. In our criminal justice system blacks are treated more harshly at every stage in the justice system than a lot of races. More than 2.3 million...

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...Customer Inserts His/her Name Customer Inserts Tutor’s Name Customer Inserts Grade Course (06, 07, 2012) Racism in criminal justice system Introduction Justice is a term that we hear a lot in our everyday life and also accept it although many of us might have a doubt as to what it truly means. Justice is the phenomenon through which we could achieve righteousness and equality. But unfortunately racism has been a common practice in the criminal justice system. Racism is actually discrimination against a group or individual based on color, social and financial status. It is something that occurs more than we notice. Many scholars believe that racism play a more important role in targeting and sentencing process in the criminal justice system and this is something which should not happen in any country no matter what. In order to understand the role that racism plays in the criminal justice system we must, first, look at the role that it plays before the criminal reaches the day of sentencing in the court. There are various publications that speak on profiling and actuarial methods which unwillingly get people into the system. Though these are two major components of the discriminatory acts that exist within the criminal justice system, it does not actually begin with these institutionalized methods. It is the laws and crime control policies that create discrimination in the system. It has been witnessed that in some instances these laws and policies are set in favor...

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...Accessibility – Is the law difficult to access in terms of expense, is it time consuming, unduly stressful or complex? * Resource efficiency – Does enforcing the law or accessing the law cost huge amounts, would there be a cheaper or more appropriate way of responding to the issue * Responsiveness – Does the law keep up with societies expectations? Does it meet our needs? Is it out of date or behind the times in some way? * Justice been achieved? – Does the law create just outcomes? Is it moral? * Application of the rule of law – Are all people treated equally by the law? Are some people privileged or discriminated by the law? * Meeting society’s needs – Does the law do what society wants it to do? Does it keep pace with our evolving needs? How the law has been out-dated by social change e.g. same-sex marriage, or by technologies e.g. protection of privacy? Criteria: (A few of the aforementioned criteria) Thesis: (An educated opinion on the answer to the question) Content: (Cases/Laws regarding the question) Legal Assignment – Cyber Racism Assess the effectiveness of the legal system in addressing the use of technology and its impact on individuals focusing on: Cyber-racism Cyber-racism Technology is best described as the use of knowledge to develop or engineer useful things intended to solve problems or make life easier in general. Technology plays a large role in our everyday lives, whether we are completing complex tasks such as analysing DNA from a...

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