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It was a very calm and cold night of winter; my boyfriend and I were studying very hard for our last tests of the semester. We needed to buy milk, hence, we decided to make a little break and go to the supermarket. We got in the car while we decided that was better to go to Monroe, a little town next to our town, thereby, we could take some air. When we were on the road we saw a house full of police cars, we got nervous and just kept going. Suddenly a police car appears behind us, we didn’t know what to do, therefore, the police turn the lights on, they obviously wanted to pull us over. We finally stopped and they got out of their car, we opened our car windows and felt even colder. They started asking so many questions for hours, we didn’t know what was happening; the only thing we knew was that we are Chilean, they are American racist and they didn’t like us.
They took Sebastian, my boyfriend, out of the car and kept interrogating us. I remember perfectly them saying, “What´s your name? Where are you from? Where are you going? Why are you going so far? Who are you? What were you doing at home? Why do you have this car? How did you get this car?” we felt like we were suspicious of a murder. After an hour of rude interrogation, neither Sebastian nor I understood what was going on, they just kept asking and asking. When the police finally decided to stop asking questions, they told us why we got pulled over, “We stopped you, because your light in the back is not working, I won’t give you a ticket, but this is a warning,” one of them said. An hour and half freezing outside just because we had a broken back light, honestly, I couldn’t believe it.
When finally this torture was done, Sebastian got in and starts the car; the car did not start, therefore, he tried again and it didn’t work. “Oh no! There is no battery,” I thought to myself. I was totally right, the car didn’t have any battery, and it was because the GPS was on; we were freezing and alone. When the police car passed by us, they asked what happened, we told them about the problem, but they said they couldn’t help us and just left. I wanted to cry, but I needed to be strong this time. My boyfriend decided to go walking to town and get some help, when he was on his way he realized he had left me alone, he just ran back with nobody to help us. We stayed in the car with no hit, hungry and hopeless.
It was 9 pm and nobody came, we couldn’t feel our feet toes, we started calling people, but nobody could help us at that time, we just wanted to run away and never come back again. Suddenly a car stops, we couldn’t believe it, but yes it was a woman, a very nice woman that wanted to help us, we told her about the battery problem and she called a friend to help us. The guy came and fixed our problem, we felt so good and thankful, we didn’t know how to thank these people, we just said thank you so many times and finally went home, feeling tired, disappointed and very sad, but on the other hand, feeling great to realize that in this world still exist good people. Finally, we went walking to the store; we got some milk and went home. We just had each other to feel support; we hugged and went to bed, hoping the next day was going to be a better day.
Clearly, this is a very sad story of our lives, because is about discrimination and the bad use of power, however, I believe that what happened to us that night was a situation that made us stronger and more flexible people, we really learned about it. In my opinion things happen in life because they have to happen, and I learned to always get the positive facts of any situation. We definitely became better people; we learned about justice and solidarity, and the most important thing, nobody will take our American dream away.

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