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Reflect on How You Would Compare and Contrast Your Own Definitions of Health and Illness with the Definitions of Health and Illness You Would Provide for a Group of Low Socio-Economic Status People Living with a Chronic Illness and or Disability.

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Australian Catholic University - Bachelor of Nursing Year 3
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Semester 1
NRSG 353 Acute Care Nursing 2

Smeltzer & Bares Textbook of Medical Surgical Nursing 3rd Ed 2013(Web Code 9781920994648)
Bullock: Pack Principles of Pathophysiology + Access Card 2012 (Web Code 9781486094011)
Bryant: Pharmacology for Health Professionals 4th Ed 2014 (Web Code 9780729541701)
Tollefson: Clinical Psychomotor Skills (5 Point) 6th Ed 2016 (Web Code 9780170382786)





NRSG354 Clinical Integration: Complex Care

Brotto: Clinical Dosage Calculations 2nd Ed 2016 (Web Code 9780170352659)
Smeltzer & Bares Textbook of Medical Surgical Nursing 3rd Ed 2013(Web Code 9781920994648)
Forrester: Essentials of Law for Health Professionals 4th Ed 2014 (Web Code 9780729541664)
Bullock: Pack Principles of Pathophysiology + Access Card 2012 (Web Code 9781486094011)
Bryant: Pharmacology for Health Professionals 4th Ed 2014 (Web Code 9780729541701)
Tiziani: Harvard’s Nursing Guide to Drugs 9th Ed 2013 (Web Code 9780729541411)

Semester 2
NRSG355 Clinical Integration: Towards Professional Practice
NRSG370 Clinical Integration: Specialty Practice
 Levett-Jones: Clinical Reasoning: Learn to think like a Nurse 2012 (Web Code 9781442556621) $82.95


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Reflect on How You Would Compare and Contrast Your Own Definitions of Health and Illness with the Definitions of Health and Illness You Would Provide for a Group of Low Socio-Economic Status People Living with a Chronic Illness and or Disability.

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