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School Uniforms Should Be Required


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School uniforms should be required.
Should school uniforms be required? Some parents and educators say that uniforms help students focus on academics instead of fashion. Others believe that kids should have the freedom to choose what they wear to school. After considering both sides of the issue, I strongly believe that uniforms should be required in school.
Some parents and teachers think that letting kids wear what they want is a recipe for trouble. Without uniforms, they say, kids will focus on clothes instead of schoolwork. Kids tend to bully other kids because of their clothes or shoes. There will be pressure to buy expensive clothes, which many families cannot afford. For these reasons, some people insist that uniforms are necessary, such as myself.
I agree. There will always be distractions. Kids should be encouraged and trusted to focus on their schoolwork, or they will never learn to be responsible. Uniforms will make the society we live in today, a better place. Although, uniforms interfere with self-expression, I don’t believe that requiring uniforms says that all kids are the same. Even though schools want kids to be themselves, they should also want students to be less abused mentally, physically, and verbally, and it starts with requiring uniforms!
For all of these reasons, school uniforms should be required. If teachers and principals want to have a say about students being themselves, they need to consider that the world we live in today is full of violence and hatred for all the wrong reasons, and this is one of the reasons. Children should have an opportunity to wear what they want, but think about it, if schools required uniforms, wouldn’t things would be a lot better. As you go on the website -your-ideal/ , my words are clearly cited and you will see the pros and cons of wearing

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