Scottish Independence

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‘Scottish independence’
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As the SNP came to authority four years ago there has been a surge of interest across the country. Becoming independent will mean the people who care most about Scotland will be taken the decision about our future.
A debate was presented by Stewart Hosie, a Member of Parliament for Dundee East, who was in favour of the motion besides Jenny Marra, who was the second presenter, who is a member of the Scottish Parliament for Dundee North East, Scottish Labour, was in opposition to the motion. Stewart Hosie gave an analytical, quantitative and fact driven argument. Jenny Marra gave a biographical, personal and historical argument. Both played a conception of their audience as largely conservative. In the debate ‘It is time for Scotland to become independent,’ presented on the 17th of September at University of Abertay, Stewart Hosie stated that for many countries, independence is taken for granted, and Scotland should be given that opportunity also. The biggest part of his argument was a number of statistics which he used to show the sustainability and competency to succeed of an independent Scottish nation by use of taxation, and by exploitation of the North Sea. He encouraged that large manufacturing plants should be returned to Scotland, and through these opportunities, this nation would thrive if no longer dependent on the rest of the UK.
On the other hand Jenny Marra took a less statistical approach, making it easier to follow her argument. She believed that Britain is able to achieve within many areas which would be impossible for one of the states alone. Furthermore the UK is one of the most effective political unions in the history of the world. Jenny repeated the phrase ‘Sharing together, stronger together ‘to establish the importance Scotland’s relationship is with the rest of…...

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