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Session Topic : The k to 12 program

Episode Title : Updates on the K to 12 Program

Duration : 2 hours

Resources Needed:

* Colored jigsaw cut-outs (from cartolina) with K to 12 Program terms * Permanent Markers * Pens * PowerPoint/Video on K to 12 Program * Masking tape


In this learning session, the participants should be able to:

1. Gain understanding on the updates of the K to 12 Program; 2. Discuss challenges related to the K to 12 program; and 3. Share insights on ways to advocate the K to 12 Program among the different stakeholders in the community.

Overview/Introduction You are at the forefront as advocates of the K to 12 Program. With your task AS A TRAINER (teacher), it is imperative that you upgrade your knowledge about this major reform of the Department. It is necessary that you equip yourself with the latest policy directions of the program to clearly explain concepts and ideas and effectively advocate for the K to 12 Program.

Consequently, this session will help provide the essential information that will further expand everyone’s understanding of the new curriculum.

Session Proper

Activity 1 (Group Work) (15 minutes)

1. Distribute the puzzle pieces per learning area. (one piece per group). 2. Ask them to write their idea on the term written on the puzzle piece which is associated with the K to 12 Program. 3. Choose a rapporteur who will share the collective idea of each group. 4. Facilitator will take note of the misconceptions and unclear concepts.

Station 1. ConstructivistStation 2. 21st Century SkillsStation 3. LocalizationStation 4. KindergartenStation 5. StandardsStation 6. AssessmentStation 7. Senior High SchoolStation 8. Learner-centered | These are the terms written in the puzzle piece that will be given to each group |


1. How did you find the activity? 2. Which among the ideas shared is essential for you as a trainer/teacher? 3. How will this activity help you as a trainer/teacher? 4. What have you realized from the activity?


Relating the level of understanding as shared by the trainers, ask:

1. What other additional and essential information should be provided to help the teachers implement the grade 10 and further get the support of the community in the implementation of the K to 12 program?

Discuss the following inputs in relation to participants’ responses. * PowerPoint on the updates of the K to 12 Program and SHS

1. What are the main points that Usec Ocampo raised as regards the implementation of the K to 12 program? 2. How will the changes/updates add value to the success of the program?

Application Reflection: As a trainer, how will you convince and assist the participants to appreciate the K to 12 program? As a teacher-participant, how do you see yourself as an advocate of the K to 12 Program to help stakeholders understand and appreciate it?

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