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Life experiences, Education, and Volunteer Experiences: My interest in obtaining a Master’s degree in Social Work stems from my experience working at South Mississippi Regional Center. South Mississippi Regional Center is an agency dedicated to the enhancement and support of individuals diagnosed with developmental disabilities. I earned a Bachelors in Psychology and was hired at South Mississippi Regional Center in the Home and Community Based Services department in the capacity of a Support Coordinator. As a Support Coordinator, I get the opportunity to work with individuals with developmental, physical and mental disabilities and their families. My job is to ensure that the clients can live a life free from abuse and neglect in …show more content…
Once I began my Marriage and Family Therapy program, I realized that Marriage and Family Therapy was not the program of study that would aide me in advocating for people dealing with social injustices. My professional career goal is to assist people with having a good quality of life no matter what adversities they face. I decided obtaining a master’s degree in Social Work would help me to advocate and serve the people in my community in a better way. I feel like I will be able to make a difference in the lives and welfare of others as a License Master’s Social …show more content…
I believe that as a social worker my focus, when helping individuals should be how to help them provide for their basic needs. I feel that I should also help them discover ways to feel empowered to handle the adversities in their life. I do not feel that people should be judge no matter what the situation and that when a person is in need it should not matter what race, religion or gender they represent. The only time the diversity of people should come into play is when deciding how to help others. Understanding a person and their culture helps figure out how to help them. It also helps to understand why they feel the way they do about different

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