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Staffing the It Department

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Staffing the Information Technology Department
Gayle Yarbrough, PHR
Webster University

ITM 5600/45 - Information and Communications Security
Dr. Etido Akpan
February 15, 2011

Staffing the Information Technology (IT) department today is about proper workforce planning and strategic alignment. In today’s labor market, it is essential that staffing be aligned with the strategic plan of the organization. The goal of the staffing expert is to achieve the perfect balance between improving technology and finding success in all areas related to staffing for that technology (Cryton, 2010). Strategic recruiting becomes more important as labor markets shift and become more competitive. Human Resource planning helps to align Human Resource strategies with organizational goals and plans. This research will examine different strategies and staffing approaches as companies strive to attract the Information Technology talent needed while at the same time companies are facing a major human energy crisis in the Information Technology department. This study will examine the different methods and sources of staffing and considerations to examine in selecting a recruitment strategy. The research will examine what is needed to staff the IT department along with credentials and training needed to support the requirements. Finally, the research will conclude with employment policies and practices to that should be closely examined and considered when staffing the Information Technology department.

Staffing the Information Technology Department
Different Strategies and Staffing Approaches
Most North American and European companies are facing major human energy crises in Information Technology. The number of expert technical personnel is decreasing as the workload in increasing. User expectations and regulatory requirements are expanding exponentially....

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