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Stepping Outside of Your World


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Stepping Outside Your World
The objective and goal behind stepping outside a person’s world or environment is to educate and familiarize an individual to other cultures and subcultures that encompass diversity. The essential idea is to investigate how and why various situations exist differently than a person’s own comfort zone and ideals. People will behave differently toward an individual who appears exactly like them versus an individual who may appear differently than they are. The environment we find ourselves in has a highly hypnotic effect on us. The environment has a tendency to establish and influence our thoughts and our ideals about people and society. As a multicultural society there needs to be awareness that what we see in our environment can play a role in what we manifest. Someone who lives in a part of town that sees poverty and crime everyday is going to have a harder time manifesting abundance than someone who already lives it everyday.
To prove this point an individual first must decide on the environment they would like to explore. A good activity to investigate would be “Homelessness.” The common perception of a homeless person is an older man with a drinking or drug problem who sleeps in an inner-city park or street. This would require not only spending time with the homeless, but also pretending to be homeless. The objective is to understand people’s perceptions and attitudes toward those who are different than themselves, but also to know why we perceive things the way we do. To further understand this phenomenon it was important to determine the location of the homeless, and become one of them through a transformation from the clothing worn and the appearance of joblessness with no monetary means to support ones self. The location was in Greenville, SC at a local shopping mall not to far from downtown area. This location was chosen for

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