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TABLE OF CONTENTS NUMBER | CONTENTS | PAGES | 1. | ACKNOWLEDGEMENT | 3 | 2. | INTRODUCTION | 4 | 3. | OBJECTIVES | 5 | 4. | METHODOLOGY | 6-7 | 5. | GRAPH | 8-11 | 6. | CONCLUSION | 12 | 7. | APPENDIX TABLE | 13 | 8. | APPENDIX | 14-17 |

First of all,we really want to thankful to Madam Jaaz Suhaiza Jaafar because allowed me to do this mini project until we’ve successfully completed it.We want thankful too because madam helped us a lot such as give instructions or order how to make it properly done until we’ve finished it. If we didn’t get help from madam,its really hard to us for completed it in a short time.
We also want to very thankful too all our 50 respondents which all of them its from KPTM KL students who was in diploma,degree or professional. They all was nice and very friendly with us and nobody refuse to give a little time to fill up our questionnaire. We really want to wish thanked you so much because without them we can’t finished our mini project.
Last but not least,thank you so much too our friends,classmates and also senior because they also helped us to compeleted this mini project. They helped us on how to do this mini project properly. It’s very nice to have a good friends like all of them.

INTRODUCTION. Nowadays, sports is a very important to all of us. Sports can keep students become healthy and can keep people fit Some students sa sports is not only a fun and entertainment but also have some benefits which affect player lifestyles and every types of physical sports is healthy and keep our body fit and we can do any activities without fall in sick. But some students say sports may not be good enough because they may be get injured easily and sports also build selfish attitudes on ourself and sports can may be reason why they didn’t focused on studying. Therefore, we are here to make a research on why there is a group of student is passingly in sports and other group of student is likely not sports at all. We also here to show that how important sports to the students. Futhermore,we want to show that how the sports can enhance confidentiality level among students,and how students can build a strong friendship among of them and we want to changed bad perceptive of students about the sports.

The main objective of our research and study is to identify the most popular sports among student and also the main factor that cause to lack of involvement sports among students in KPTM KL.
We have gathered data through several ways. First is by doing face to face interview with students. We had done face to face interview by interviewing 50 students from KPTMKL. We have interview students from different kind of programme and gender. Second is by giving the questionnaires to certain students which the focused is about sports. We had create 10 different questions that it based on the students and sports.
Besides that, we also doing some observation and survey from facilities scope. This is because, facilities is also one of the biggest factor that effect the sports among the students. We had walk around the college for example futsal court and volleyball court. Based on what we see we can conclude that KPTMKL have a serious problem in facilities.

The data is gathered through several processed. The first step is we had find and seek information regarding with our project. Then, we analyze all the probability and possibility from the project. Later, we make a questionnaire upon our project title. Lastly, we had launched the questionnaire to our target. Besides that, we also had interviewed several students about our project. This is how we gathered our information.
We had conducted a full survey on our mini project. The method that we used is by giving approximately 50 questionnaires to respondents about the relation between sports and students. The respondent is basically from different types of classes. There are from several types of course programed, age, gender and passion. The question itself is to know whether the respondent is participated in any type of sports in college. We also asked how much time did they spend for sports activities per week and we also seek for information whether the respondent itself have any ideas or motivation to upgrade sports among students. Unfortunately, it is a big disappointment to us, when knowing the majority of KPTMKL students is totally not interested in sports due to few reasons. Most of them saying that focus on academic and tremendous number of assignments and course work are the biggest reason why they are not participate in any type of sports inside or outside college.
We also conducted survey using face to face interview. Our face to face interview is very unique and relax in order to make the respondent feel more comfortable and less stress. We had went to few target area inside and outside college such as KOMASA, College Cafeteria, near Futsal Court and also food stall around college area. Fortunately, they are giving full attention and support upon our project. We are very thankful and feeling blessed when doing the project. Every interviewee that we interviewed, we had given some goodie bags contains of chocolate and cupcakes.
Lastly, we had done an observation around the college. The purpose of doing this observation is to observe the facilities sports in college. We had observed the sports facilities such as badminton court, futsal court, basketball court and also football field. We also had observed the sports shop equipment to identify the quality and price. This is because, our interview shown that a few respondent said sports equipment this days currently is highly expensive and not affordable for students. In a brief, we had seen that sports facilities is also one of the main factor that contribute to the issues.

Question 5
Question 5

Type of sports | Total Students | Bowling | 3 | Silat | 4 | Netball | 3 | Futsal | 8 | Rugby | 3 | Football | 5 | Volleyball | 20 | Not Interested | 4 |

This bar graph we make from question number 5 which it asked about type of sport did students involve in college. At the end, we’ll get that 3 respondent involve in bowling,4 respondent in silat,3 respondent in netball,8 respondent in futsal,3 respondent in rugby,5 respondent in football,20 respondent in volleyball and 4 respondent said they did not interested in sports.

Question 6
Question 6

Time(per week) | Frequency | 0-1 | 21 | 2-3 | 14 | 4-5 | 7 | 6-7 | 8 | Sum | 50 |

Mean | 12.5 | Median | 3.5 | Mode | - | This is the histogram that we make from question 6 that how much they spent time for sports in a week. For mean we get 12.5 which it is the middle centre and typical of data. For median we get 11 and for standard deviation and variance we get 6.45 and 41.67. The highest time that student spent their times for sport is 0-1 times per week. This is a disappointed result because majority of our respondent didn’t involve on sports in our college either indoor or outdoor sports and only 8 respondent said they spent 6 to 7 times to spent times for sports.

Question 7
Question 7

This is the pie chart we make from question 7 which it asked about whether the students is interested on sports or not.Basicly,this is the rate of students interested in sports which 72% or 36 students said they interested in sports while 28% more or 14 students said they didn’t interested in sports at all. The students who said they didn’t interested or participate in sports is because they want to focused on their studying and they said the sports will make they didn’t concentrate on the study. Besides that,cause of the illness such as asthma also be the main reason why they didn’t interested on the sports.

Question 8
Question 8

This bar graph were make from question number 8 which it asked the main factor that students did not participate in sports. From our research,10 students said they didn’t participate on sports because the illness factor and 24 students said they want to focus on academics and this is the highest or main factor why students didn’t involve in sports. Next,13 students said cause of the low sports facilities such as futsal court,volleyball court and KPTM KL didn’t have enough sports facilities make them boring and don’t want to participate in sports. 3 students said cause of the expensive sports equipments factor cause of they didn’t want involve in any sports and 11 students answer others for example their parents didn’t allowed them to participate in sports and cause of the far from college make them didn’t want to participate in sports.

Based on our research regarding with this issues, we had conclude that the rate of involvement of students KPTM KL college in sports are very low. It is undeniably that this issues is very complex because of many factor. We seen that our female students is likely spending less time for sports than male students. There are also few minor factor that influence and contribute to this problem.
In addition, there is also some massive factors that influence this issues. The biggest factor is lack of sports facilities. KPTMKL sports facilities is very dissapointed. For example, the futsal court inside the campus itself has no flash light and this is very dangerous to the students who played futsal during night. The size of the futsal court is also very small and uncomfortable.
There is also have few factor that cause low rate involvement of students such as illness and lack of motivation. Many students have illness problem such as asthma, heart attack and obesity.
We want to suggest few method that could be done to overcome this issues. Firstly, the college management should give full motivation about sports to students. Lecturers should encourage students to participate in sports in order to produce a healthy and sportsmanship generation. The college management should make sports as one of the compulsory subject such as insert it as 1 credit hour in the students credit hours’ time. Hopefully, they will changed from an anti-sport person to a pro sports person. It is also be the responsibility to the local municipalities to upgrade sports facilities at college area and also build more sports facilities that could be useful to the students. We also want the non- government (NGO) to held more sports events and competition in order to build more athlete among students. They also have to give sponsorship in order to promote sports.
Lastly, the students itself must motivate themselves to be more diligent and spend time more to sports because they have to know how important sweating activity in order to be a brilliant and outstanding students that could compete with foreign students from all across the world
Table of Appendix NUMBER | CONTENTS | PAGES | 1. | Question 1-4 | 14 | 2. | Question 5-7 | 15 | 3. | Question 8-10 | 10 |

To survey the rate of involvement students in sports at college.
Please tick √ the appropriate answer. 1. Age

Less than 20

20 to 25

More than 25

2. Gender

Male Female 3. Programme Professional Foundation Diploma Degree 4. Have you participate in any outdoor or indoor sports in college? Yes No

5. What type of sports did you participate in college? (Answers can be more than one) Outdoor Please state: Indoor Please state: 6. How much time did you spent for sports? 0 to 1 times per week 2 to 3 times per week 4 to 5 times per week 6 to 7 times per week 7. Are you interested in sports? Why? Yes Please state: No Please state:

8. In your opinion, what is the main factor students did not participate in sports? Illness

Focus on academics

Low sports facilities

Expensive sports equipment’s


9. In your opinion, do sports can give advantage to the students? Yes No 10. Do you have any suggestions to the college management about sports? Variety the sports Upgrade the facilities Others Please state:

REFERENCES * Madam Jaaz Suhaiza Jaafar * Students of KPTM KL * Friends and senior * Others

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