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Supply Chain Managment

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Planned Supply Chain and Total Quality Management


The benefits of using planned supply chain and total quality management and how to make them work for your company.


Many companies work with no formal systems in their operational planning. This report looks at what these companies need to do to adopt planned supply chain and total quality management.

It first defines the term supply chain management and total quality management and gives detailed descriptions of what they both are.

It then goes on to highlight the benefits of using planned supply chain and total quality management.

Cost areas are addressed and additional costs that the company will incur are discussed, the section also gives details of savings that will be made by implementing these systems.

The following section looks at how to plan and then integrate these systems in to the business.

Various ways of motivating employees to make these systems work are discussed.

And finally a number of obstacles the company may face are shown and ways to overcome them are given.

Research methods

Information was gathered form a variety of books. Each book was analysed to find information relevant to the report. Topic areas were then identified and these formed the sub-titles in the research analysis. Information from the books was then categorised and placed under a appropriate sub-title.

Research analysis

What is supply chain management and total quality management?

Supply chain management is the management of the internal supply chain of a business (Parker and D'Vaz, 2000). As organisations continuously seek to provide a faster, cheaper and better service than their competitors, they have come to realise they cannot do it alone and they must work on a cooperative basis with the best organisations in their supply chain (Handfield and...

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