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The Da Vinci Code Analysis

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Gavin Hadley
Reader’s Notebook
Date: 8/01/14 – 8/17/14
Citation: Brown, Dan. The Da Vinci code: a novel. New York: Doubleday, 2003. Print.

Entry #1

Jacque Sauniere staggered down the Grand Gallery in the Louvre Museum located in Paris trying to escape the Albino hit man that had been sent after him. As a way to separate him from the hit man he pulled a Caravaggio painting of the wall triggering the alarm system that dropped a barred metal gate that sealed the Grand Gallery. Even though Grand Gallery was sealed the albino assailant pointed his gun at Jacques asking for information where “it” was. Jacques then tell the Albino a rehearsed lie of where “it” is located. The Albino confirms this location by telling Jacques of the death of the
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Bishop Arigarosa tell that he is ashamed of how people are not devoted enough and can be corrupt, such a man who was recently put on try for a sex affair. While this is happen Silas is cleaning his wounds and praying before he goes to his next objective. As Robert Langdon observes Jacques Sauniere body, he begins to point out and mention all of the meaning and clearing up misconceptions over the pentagram. During this time lieutenant Collet is in Jacques office listing to everything Langdon says. With the lights off Langdon observes the message left behind by Jacques Sauniere. The message that Jacques left behind said “ 13-3-2-21-1-1-8-5 O’Draconian devil! Oh, Lame Saint!” the message ends up baffling because it was written in English instead of the native language of French. This also makes it difficult since Langdon was trying to make Jacques seem less like a devil worshipper and more of a female goddess individual. Looking on the outside Langdon observes long arcs depicting human body referencing the work of Leonardo da Vinci work : the Vitruvian Man. Langdon then goes on about Leonardo da Vinci’s history and how he tricked the church to publish many of the art works he created. Fache is anger by this a bit because he is a devoted catholic and finds this offensive. Then shifts back to Collet who is still listing in and mention how he is tracking Robert Langdon through …show more content…
This quest will involve him going through many different trails, such as Jason and the Golden Fleece. The reason I say that is because from my reading of angels and demons I can assume that Langdon will be given many hardships involving Jacques Sauniere, Sophia and Silas. At the end of these hardships Langdon will achieve the answer of what the “keystone” and why Jacques went to such lengths to let Langdon know what its meaning is of the secret he was let himself die to protect

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