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The Importance Of English In English

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Since school is a place to learn most skills such as writing, reading, and speaking, also school is a good place to learn very important aspect of morality in a student life which is "speak politely".
This research will focus on how to avoid using the rude and not useful words especially in high schools. When non-native speakers use the language in informally way, in particular teenagers, that would confuse them because they don’t realize that they speaking impolitely. Furthermore, that would make difficulties in differentiate between what is appropriate "formal" and what inappropriate "not formal".
By a survey with a questionnaire divided into two sections, first one is for the English teachers and another one is for the students, it's
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In contrary, there are thousands of new entries words in English which they were not exist before. Slangs are spread so fast, they are used everywhere especially in social media, and used by every different ages' tongue.
Richard A. Spears(2001), in his book "Slangs and Euphemism" , said that there are 10,000 odd new words and 32,000 definitions of all these words and lots of expressions deleted from the standard dictionaries and respectful polite conversation. And he added that his third edition book has almost 1,500 new entries words and definitions.
The effect of using slangs is mostly noticed among younger students in schools and that surely affect their acquisition of learning the formal English, particularly if they don’t realize that they are using annoyed informal English.
Parents suppose that there are no slangs in school, but unfortunately there are lots of them with constant increasing. This increasing of these unacceptable words distract students and make them confused because they have learned them before the basic English words. Furthermore , a weak language will reduce their opportunities in future because its incapable to convey information of a
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Slangs are not only used by native speakers , they also become used a lot by non-native speakers who learned English as a second language in all over the world.
How slangs came about?
Native speakers, last generations, have been tearing apart lots of words of the language, and attach them to other words related to current events, in intention of being brief, emphasis, exaggerated, pleasant, or sarcastic. Those generation are gone but their broken words are remained. Thus , slangs became part of the colloquial English-speaking world.

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